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a catalog of first names: NPR

IKEA Norway has released a list of 800 names of its products that parents may wish to use to name their children. It comes amid a pandemic baby boom in the Nordic countries.


IKEA provides many services to the world – affordable furniture, fun building projects, stores you visit with your partner when you really want to test your relationship. But now the company wants to help people name their children. This month, IKEA Norway released a list of baby names – over 800 of them – that have also been used as IKEA product names over the decades.

The Associated Press reports that the move comes as Norway and other Nordic countries experience a baby boom. In fact, the affiliate quips that while the pandemic has caused shortages of raw materials, quote, “there’s at least no shortage of children,” which is a damn positive twist to put on supply chain issues, but OK. The Catalog, as they call it, adds a fun twist to the baby naming process. Now parents can look at their peaceful newborns and wonder, is this kid more of a street lamp – Daphne – or a bar cart – Bettina?

I dug through some old catalogs. Apparently, Danielle was a curtain. I have no idea how I must feel about this. But if you need some personal reflection, it might be worth seeing if you measure up to how IKEA Corporation sees you. Maybe you’re a pillow, or maybe you’re a filing cabinet. Fortunately, the world needs both.

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