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Adjustment of CQC product catalog for electronic products

Thursday, October 27, 2022

As part of a complete adjustment of the CCC Test Catalogthe China Quality Certification Center (CQC) announced an update to the specific implementing rules on September 30, 2022. The target of the adjustment was electronic products and their accessories, and in particular their requirements for safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility. The new implementation rules CQC12-045800-2022 Came into force immediately from the announcement.

The update mainly included a reclassification of certain tests for electronic products and their accessories of the category 001121 in the range of voluntary certifications. Previously, these product tests were subject to the mandatory CCC certification requirements in China.

The changes mentioned above affect general electromagnetic compatibility requirements for A/V and ICT equipment under GB 4943.1-2022, including cordless phones under GB/T 19483-2016, and emission limits under GB 17625.1 -2012 and GB/T 9254.1-2021. On the other hand, many products in the audio, video, information and communication technologies sector are still subject to CCC Certification (China Compulsory Certification) in China.

Chinese GB standards and implementing rules are regularly updated by authorities, which often has far-reaching implications for product manufacturers. Updates are generally unannounced and must be tracked and implemented independently by certified factories. Failure to do so may result in serious consequences, including withdrawal of certification for non-compliance.

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