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Aerostich’s Spring 2022 Supplement Catalog is here!

It’s not the most wonderful time of the year, but for many motorcyclists it is. feel like Christmas when the Aerostich catalog comes out – and now we have the Spring 2022 supplement. View here.

Why be so enthusiastic about a catalog?

Aerostich is best known for its handmade riding suits, particularly its Roadcrafter and R3 one-piece textile suits (although ADVriders may prefer the Darien series). Aerostich did a lot to popularize textile riding gear when it launched the original Roadcrafter series in the 1980s, when many riders turned to wetsuits as a technological improvement over older models. Since then, it has expanded its product line to include a wider variety of riding suits (one-piece and two-piece textile, waterproof leather and waxed cotton) as well as gloves, shoulder bags, tank bags, boots and many other useful products. sold under the Aerostic name.

Add a huge range of third-party products, from useful gear (like helmets or comms sets) to fun stuff (like t-shirts or DVDs), and the Aerostich catalog is the motorcycle equivalent. from the old Sears Wish Book that came out at Christmas. The main catalog contains most of the goodies, and any additions or price changes are found in the spring supplement. Both catalogs usually come out in a print edition, which costs you a few dollars (essentially postage), but you can view them online for free on the Aerostich website – the ’22 supplement and standard catalogs are here. Or, of course, you can just browse the site itself, for up-to-date pricing. It’s a company run by bikers, for bikers, and it shows in all of the company’s products and business decisions.