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Apple Arcade will add 4 new games to its catalog in February 2022

Apple’s video game subscription service, apple arcade added four new games to its catalog in February 2022. Of the upcoming titles, half of the games are Arcade Originals. Each of the games is distinct by genre. From February 4, all games will be released one by one, every week. Titles include Farming Simulator, Tower Defense, Adventureand Construction of bridges.

Apple Arcade is a great source to enjoy simple games at a much lower price, as service fees cost $4.99 only for one month. Also, the games are free without ads or in-app purchases.

Four new Apple Arcade games added in February 2022

1. Bridge Builder +

Image via Headup GmbH

German publisher Headup GmbH is behind this wonderful bridge building game. Players must find their original way of thinking and come up with unusual solutions to overcome the 24 levels. Bridge Constructor+ is an easy to understand game. Although it is difficult to play, which will make players think deeply. Players can download this game from App storeavailable on Apple Arcade.

2. Bloons TD 6+

best tower defense games for android
Image via Ninja Kiwi
  • Release date: February 11

ninja kiwi is known for his Bloons titles. The mobile game developer brings another title in the series, Bloons TD 6+. This mega tower defense offers a great combination of awesome monkey towers, upgrades, heroes, and activated abilities that players will use to pop every last invading Bloon. With 57 beautiful maps, the game supports offline single-player mode, 4-player co-op, and more. Players can download this game from App storeavailable on Apple Arcade.

3. Wildflowers

New Apple Arcade games February 2022
Image via Studio Drydock Pty Ltd
  • Release date: February 18

Developed by Australian developer Studio Drydock Pty Ltd., Wylde Flowers is a comfortable, farming life simulation game with a touch of sorcery. Players will act as Taraa young beauty who has just arrived to help her grandmother on the family farm of the small Fairhaven. With magic powers, she will explore beautiful beaches, secret forests, etc. The game allows players to fall in love in addition to their main objective, find the hidden darkness affecting the city and figure out how to bring everyone together. Players can download this game from app store, available on Apple Arcade.

4. Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

New Apple Arcade games February 2022
Image via broken rules
  • Release date: February 25

Austrian indie developer Broken Rules has developed Gibbon: Beyond the Treesan ecological adventure in which a family of gibbons find themselves lost in a dangerous world beyond their comprehension. With the stunning hand-painted 2D visuals, gamers will be thirsty for freedom.

While researching gibbons and their existence in the world today, we realized there was a deeper story to tell. Deforestation, poaching and the climate crisis are making it increasingly difficult for gibbons to survive. We wanted the game to honor their struggle and give wildlife a voice in the gaming world.

Felix Bohatsch, CEO of Broken Rules

This game once again shows what humanity is doing to the climate, which promotes awareness of environmental issues. Players can download this game from App storeavailable on Apple Arcade.

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