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APR Creates Catalog to Help Global Plastics Recycling Efforts

The US-based Association of Plastic Recyclers is launching a new global design catalog to help businesses navigate the various plastics recycling guidelines around the world.

APR frequently updates its own design guide for the recyclability of plastics, but has often spoken of the difficulties companies have in navigating the various guidelines around the world.

So the February 17 launch of the APR Global Design Catalog creates what the trade group calls “a comprehensive resource for accessing the most up-to-date plastic packaging recycling guidelines for countries and regions around the world.”

“Due to the differences between the operational recycling systems and the EPR [extended producer responsibility] requirements between countries, harmonizing design for recyclability across the world is a difficult undertaking,” APR CEO Steve Alexander said in a statement. “APR’s Global Design Catalog gives you all the requirements at your fingertips, to help you compare and contrast design best practices in different countries.”

Recycling and treatment systems vary from country to country and region to region, APR said. “Many of them oversee complex extended producer responsibility programs that hold manufacturers and suppliers accountable for the end-of-life fate of packaging materials. EPR programs in virtually all jurisdictions refer to an index of design for recyclability to encourage companies to design more sustainable packaging.”

APR’s new catalog contains information for the European Union, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom. There are plans to add more countries in the near future.

Resins covered by the category include rigid PET, rigid HDPE, rigid polypropylene, and flexible PE film.

“Designing for recyclability is key to creating a circular economy for plastic packaging,” said Alexander, who sees the catalog as a complement to APR’s own design guide.

More information on accessing the online catalog via subscription is available on the APR website at Membership is free for APR members.