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Arrow Video and Imprint Films Announce Blu-ray and 4K Slates for November Catalog, Plus Uni Monsters V2 Update

I’m working on some major new 4K Ultra HD reviews here at The pieces this afternoon, the first of which could be posted this evening. So I only have time for another very quick update today. BUT…there are some breaking news about the catalog release worth mentioning here.

First up, our friends at Arrow Video just unveiled their November Blu-ray and 4K slate, which includes some gems…

It starts with Martin Scorsese the wolf of Wall Street on 11/17 on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD (a UK-only title, but it’s already been released here in the US on both formats by Paramount). Also come that day the films of Quentin Dupieux Incredible but true (2022) and Robert Wise Audrey-Rose (1977), each on Blu-ray only. The former is a UK-only title, while the latter will be released in the US, UK, and Canada.

The next step is their previously announced Shawscope: Volume Two – Limited Edition Blu-ray box set on 11/21, which will also debut in the US, UK and Canada. The 10-disc set will include The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Back to the 36th Chamber, Disciples of the 36th House, Crazy Monkey Kung Fu, Five super fighters, Invincible Shaolin, The child with the golden arm, Gorgeous Ruffians, Ten Kwangtung Tigers, my young aunt, Hong Kong Mercenaries, The Boxer’s Omen, Shaolin martial artsand The barefoot child. Two of the discs in the set will also be CDs with the music from the films. There’s also a 60-page book of essays and notes on each film. [Read on here…]

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Finally, look for Kevin Reynolds Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) on 11/28 on Blu-ray and 4K Limited editionsas well as Blu-ray and 4K Limited Editions Steelbook. Unfortunately, these will all be UK-only titles (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is available for pre-order here on now).

Here’s a preview of the full slate cover (click here or on the image to visit Arrow’s website)…

Arrow Video November 2022 Streaming List

Not to be outdone, our friends at Via Vision Entertainment have also unveiled their Imprint Films slate for November, each of the Blu-ray titles from all regions…

They include those of Rick Rosenthal distant thunder (1998), Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund city ​​of god (2002), by Lou Adler Ladies and Gentlemen, Fabulous Spots (1982), by Robert Mandel School ties (1992), the Directed by Roland Joffee (1984-1992) box—which includes The Killing Fields (1984), The mission (1986), fat man and little boy (1988), and city ​​of joy (1992)—and the After Dark: Neo-Black Cinema: Collection Two (1990-2002) box—which includes blue steel (1990), Internal Affairs (1990), purple rivers (2000), The way of the gun (2000), Construction sites (2000), and Narc (2002). It’s worth noting that MANY of these titles make their very first appearance on Blu-ray here.

Again, here’s a preview of the full list cover art (click here or on the image to visit the Imprint Films website)…

Imprint Films November 2022 Release List

And one last release update: we have officially confirmed that the Universal Classic Monsters: Horror Icon Collection – Volume 2 The 4K box set arrives in the US on 10/11, along with the Ultra HD/Blu-ray combo singles from the previous one Volume 1 securities… Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931), The werewolf (1941), and The invisible Man (1932). Pre-orders should start showing up over the weekend, and we’ll share the cover art and Amazon pre-order links when they go live.

Now then… be sure to check back here later today and throughout the weekend, as I plan to start posting reviews of some standout 4K Ultra HD catalog titles that many of you have been waiting for. since a long time . Watch my Twitter feed for individual review links as I get them posted here on the site.

Stay tuned!

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