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Ataccama announces a major update with an updated data catalog and a new observability module

BOSTON, October 20, 2022 — From its Data People Summit, Ataccam, a leading provider of unified data management platforms, today announced the early access release of the next major release of its Ataccama ONE platform. With this release, Ataccama is unveiling new features that strengthen its end-to-end data management strategy and enable the democratization of data for businesses worldwide.

The platform update positions Ataccama at the forefront of a growing market consensus that modern data governance programs increasingly require a convergence of data governance capabilities than tools disposable are unable to fill.

At the heart of the new release is an updated Ataccama ONE Data Catalog, now enhanced with greater data collaboration, compliance and enablement capabilities, as well as a new Data Observability module designed to business use. With release 14, Ataccama became the first vendor in the industry to deliver end-to-end data quality and observability with native processing on Snowflake.

Ataccama Data Catalog: A Collaborative Platform for Data Activation

Enhanced Ataccama ONE Data Catalog delivers new features for enterprise-wide collaboration, asset sharing, governance, compliance, and data enablement while retaining industry-leading automated capabilities for classification management and data quality management that Ataccama is known for.

New Version 14 enhancements include:

  • Collaborative features: Includes configurable business workflows, comments, tasks, and team inbox.
  • Revamped authorization model: Supports organized and federated data governance models, and now better supports decentralized approaches such as data mesh.
  • Catalog of reports: Enables businesses to create a single location to index and document reports from various sources. The feature now supports Ataccama’s Data Stories, with support for Power BI, Tableau, and other tools coming later in 2023.
  • Visual Data Explorer: A new feature that allows users to quickly and effortlessly explore data and create custom data visualizations and metrics directly in the Data Catalog.
  • Data provisioning and exports: Allows users to export and synchronize catalog data assets to external databases.
  • A data: A new module that allows users to collaborate and create managed datasets and master data directly from the catalog, with built-in validation and governance.

A new data observability offering to democratize data quality management

Leveraging extensive data quality expertise and market-leading data discovery automation capabilities, the all-new platform module empowers system owners, data engineers, and data managers to monitor entire data systems with minimal configuration and AI and metadata-based data quality management capabilities.

The Data Observability module provides information on the health of data systems and alerts users to data quality issues, anomalies, schema changes, or abnormal changes in data volumes. Users can investigate and resolve issues before going further down the data pipeline.

The module is available as part of the Ataccama ONE platform and as a standalone SaaS solution accessible on Users can now sign up for a free trial.

“With this release, we’re bringing our customers even more versatility into our platform,” said Martin Zahumenskydirector of product technology at Ataccama. “The update provides users with simplified access to enterprise data assets, in addition to the ability to better collaborate on data governance tasks, explore data, create custom visualizations and metrics and use data more easily and productively every day. This is an important step to support our mission of data-driven innovation and data democratization. »

End-to-End Data Quality and Observability for Snowflake

Version 14 brings to market the first enterprise data quality and observability solution designed to use the Snowflake workload through native processing through Snowpark. Ataccama uses Snowpark to run data profiling, data quality checks, and data observability jobs natively in Snowflake, delivering significant performance benefits and eliminating the need to move data out of Snowflake. Version 14 also includes ONE portal, the new cloud gateway for Ataccama users that provides fully self-service access to their products.

“For Ataccama, 2022 has been a year of major growth. We have seen a significant increase in our customer base and doubled the size of our R&D team to continue innovating and investing in our unified value-added data management platform,” said Michael KlausCEO of Ataccama. “This leap forward has been fueled by growing global demand for advanced data management, as well as our recent growth capital investment of Bain Capital Technology Opportunities. Most importantly, this momentum has been fueled by Ataccama’s customers, who are the co-creators of our platform and the key to our success.

About Atacma

Ataccama enables the democratization of enterprise data with a unified platform for automated data quality, master data management, and metadata management across cloud and hybrid environments. We enable business and data teams to collaborate on building high-quality, reusable data products and data-driven innovation at scale while maintaining data accuracy, control, and governance.

Ataccama has more than 500 employees in 10 global offices, serving a wide range of customers all over the world, such as Avast, Aviva, CBRE, GSK, Heineken, GHX and T-Mobile, and covering industries ranging from financial services to pharmaceuticals, retail, telecommunications and manufacturing. Learn more about

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