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Audio Damage Legacy Catalog Now Free

Audio Damage Legacy Catalog Now Free

Historical selection of 33 plugins available 02/12/22

Audio damage are offering their entire legacy collection of 33 plugins completely free of charge, with one caveat: there will be no customer support. Available plugins include compressors, bit grinders, gates, filters, phasers, and many more. Here’s what they have to say:

Mainly, we decided to make the entire Legacy Audio Damage catalog free for everyone (no beer needed). This collection includes 33 plugins and encompasses the entire history of the company, since Mayhem, released in 2002 (Mayhem even includes OS9 installers!) The reasoning behind this is threefold:

  • The vast majority (between 90-95%) of our support emails are for people who need access to legacy versions of their pre-2016 Audio Damage accounts. This goes in cycles, but whenever Apple or Microsoft introduce a significant change in their respective platforms, hundreds or thousands of old customers come out of the woodwork looking for a 20-year-old installer. Since most of these products aren’t even in this post-2016 Shopify store, we end up sending installers Dropbox links over and over again. Simply having these products out in the open will solve this problem.

  • Most of these installers are readily available in “cracked” form, and anyone who wants to use one of them puts their computer (and therefore their creative life) at risk of malware due to the nature of pirated software. Having “blessed” installers readily available from source ensures that no one will ever be punished for simply wanting to use one of our older products.

  • Due to our small size and limited resources, updating these older products to work on contemporary systems just doesn’t make much business sense. In many cases, the code libraries they are based on simply no longer exist, and therefore updating them would mean rewriting them almost entirely. As the saying goes, time is money, and the time we had spent on such an endeavor would cost us more than we would recoup in sales – especially since the plugin market is now much , much larger than it was when these products were originally designed.

Now, it is important to note the following: no support is provided for these products. Apple”, and we just don’t have time to write this over and over again, so we won’t answer at all. Most, if not all, Windows products will work in a DAW capable of hosting 32 plugins and 64-bit, and most newer products will work in Rosetta 2 on a Mac M1, however the further back in time you go the less likely the plug-in is to work, on either system .

For more information, see their blog post here. You can download the plugins here:

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