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BEE becomes the largest catalog of 1500 free email and landing page templates for HubSpot, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Gmail

BEE’s Catalog of Free Email Templates and Landing Pages Surpasses 1,500 Designs

30+ designers from around the world contributed 1500+ email and landing page designs

BEE Content Design, a leading digital content design platform, today announced a major milestone worldwide with over 1500 free templates, making it the world’s largest catalog of email designs and of instantly editable landing pages. Professionally created by 35 designers from 15 countries, BEE’s 1500+ free templates require no registration and no technical skills to edit while offering unlimited variations for every external and internal digital communication.

Each model can be immediately modified with BEE’s Core Visual Builder, which offers a unique combination of design freedom and ease of use. Users can download their modified email and landing page designs and use them anywhere, for free. They can also save them to a free BEE Pro account for further editing and quick export to marketing systems like HubSpot, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Klaviyo, or email platforms like Gmail.

“With BEE Pro’s full content design suite support as a HubSpot Certified app, there’s a seamless way to connect email and landing page designs to HubSpot, without losing no functionality, making it easier for our users to quickly format emails as needed and easily export them directly into HubSpot, keeping messaging and branding consistent and automatically transferring contact data said Catie Moynihan, App Partner Manager at HubSpot.

Which makes BEE different from other players in the email and landing page design ecosystem? This is at the core of the Core Visual Builder:

● Design freedom: granular design controls, flexible column management

● Ease of use: drag and drop, clear and intuitive user interface, reusable content blocks

● Built-in collaboration: feedback threads at the individual design element level

● The unique combination of (1) + (2) + (3) resulting from over 7 years of feedback from over 4 million users

In a world where most people work remotely, BEE helps people 30,000+ businesses, from startups to big brands like Amazon, Netflix, and Disney, are creating digital content quickly and collaborating effectively. Instead of waiting for a designer to create digital assets, non-technical employees can do the work independently. Colleagues and clients can get involved when needed, providing feedback directly in the design tool and staying on-brand with pre-made templates and styles. The BEE platform includes built-in collaboration features to keep all team members up to date with content changes and updates.

“We are very happy to have reached this incredible milestone of over 1500 free BEE templates created by over 30 designers from around the world, who have contributed their styles and cultures to our robust platform,” said Massimo Arrigoni, CEO . “This large volume of free, sophisticated designs is an industry first. We will continue to work to become the leading email and landing page design suite by investing in our design tools, expanding the catalog templates and integrating with other marketing platforms.”

More than 600 nonprofits also benefit from BEE’s no-code design tools. Most of them pay nothing, while older ones get a 50% discount. “BEE Pro is one of the most intuitive and helpful tools I’ve ever used. It allows us to create lots of emails very quickly, with nice templates, and helps us improve our marketplace support from UNICEF with content and emails,” said Clara López, marketing consultant at UNICEF.

About BEE

BEE (BEE Content Design, Inc.), a business unit of Growens (GROWTH: IM), provides no-code design tools that allow anyone to quickly create content that resonates. The bees visual builders are used to design emails, landing pages, one-page sites, popups, etc. They offer fantastic design flexibility and an excellent user experience, combining granular control over design elements with convenient features like editing content right in the mobile view. BEE’s visual builders are available online and integrated into over 1000 SaaS applications at companies such as CareerBuilder,, L’Oréal, Bosch, Save the Children and Volvo. For more information, please visit or consult their Youtube channel or LinkedIn page.

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