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Bright Eyes to Reissue Catalog — But Conor Oberst Doesn’t Feel ‘Wistful and Indulgent’ – Rolling Stone

Bright eyes have have announced an ambitious plan to re-release their entire catalog with accompanying EPs, aptly titled Companion series.

On May 27, the group will debut with the first three albums: A collection of songs written and recorded from 1995 to 19971998 let go of happinessand the 2000s Fevers and Mirrors. You can hear the latter’s “Haligh, Haligh, a Lie, Haligh” above featuring Phoebe Bridgers, with Waxahatchee joining in on “Contrast and Compare” below, followed by “Falling Out of Love at This Volume” from the beginning.

“It’s a meaningful way to connect with the past that doesn’t feel totally nostalgic and indulgent,” Oberst said in a statement. “We take those songs and make them interesting to us again. I like this. I like a challenge. I like being forced to do something a little difficult, just to see if we can.

Each EP will feature six reworked tracks from the respective album, with the band aiming for them to sound completely different from their originals. “We had to play with them in a substantial way,” Oberst said, describing each EP as “additional reading” for re-releases.

In addition to Waxahatchee’s Bridgers and Katie Crutchfield, the EPs also feature Lavender Diamond’s Mr. Ward and Becky Stark. They also include period covers, from Elliott Smith to Simon Joyner.

Bright Eyes extended their tour behind In the weeds, where the world once was, their 2020 album which marked their first new LP in nearly a decade. They will kick off in St. Paul, Minnesota on March 23, wrap up in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraksa, in early July before heading to Europe.

A collection of songs written and recorded from 1995 to 1997: a companion

1. “Driving fast in a big city at night”
2. “Solid Jackson”
3. “A celebration at the end”
4. “Fall in love at this volume”
5. “Exaltation on a cool kitchen floor”
6. “Double Joe” (Simon Joyner cover)

Letting go of happiness: a companion

1. “The difference in shades”
2. “The Town Has Sex (feat. Waxahatchee)”
3. “Contrast and Comparison (with Waxahatchee)”
4. “Kathy with AK song (feat. M Ward)”
5. “St. Ides Heaven (with Phoebe Bridgers)” (Elliott Smith cover)
6. “June on the West Coast (with Becky Stark)”

Fevers and mirrors: a companion:

1. “Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)”
2. “A scale, a mirror and those indifferent clocks (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)”
3. “Arienette”
4. “Hypnotist (Song for Daniel H)” (Lullaby for working class cover)
5. “When the Curious Girl Realizes She’s Under Glass (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)”
6. “A spindle, a darkness, a fever and a necklace (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)”