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Castel Releases 2022 Product Catalog, Improved Application Selector

The Italian equipment manufacturer Castel has released new product catalog 2022 which includes the company’s range of GoGreen valves, filters and filter driers, all designed for use with CO2 (R744) refrigerant.

The Castel 2022 product catalog also includes the company’s new Polyhedra component series suitable for hydrocarbons like propane (R290), isobutane (R600a) and propylene (R1270).

To assist its customers in the choice of components, Castel has set up a improved app switcher. This tool “helps the designer, and the refrigeration technician, to calculate the pressure drop generated by each passive component of the Castel family, thus providing all the information for a correct selection”, indicated the company on its website.

In addition to calculating fluid dynamics, the Application Selector also assists system designers when coupling ball valves with an actuator and its adapter by providing a comprehensive list of required components.

Castel’s mission is to support “our customer base with reliable, durable, high quality and technologically advanced products, manufactured with respect for the environment, and backed and enhanced by service levels that exceed industry standards. “.

As part of its mission, Castel emphasizes the development and continuous improvement of its products. In 2021, Castel launched a series of 100% stainless steel vibration dampers suitable for CO2 and hydrocarbon refrigeration systems. These vibration dampers prevent the transmission of vibrations from the compressor to the pipes of the refrigeration system, reducing both noise and the risk of damage.

Also in 2021, Castel is launching a range of stainless steel CO2 ball valves that can operate up to 150 bar (2176 psi) and 150°C (302°F) and are manufactured without brazing or welding between the valve body and the fittings.

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