Catalog product

Catalog ready for the annual Monroe Conservation District Tree Sale

A free catalog to order tree and shrub seedlings from the annual Monroe Conservation District Spring Conservation Plant Sale is available.

The catalog can be received by calling 734-241-8540 Ext. 5 to get one in the mail, or people can email [email protected]. They can also pick one up at the district office located at 1137 S. Telegraph Rd. Individuals can drop off purchase orders with payment or use a secure drop box outside the office or mail them with the required deposit. Only cash or a check will be accepted, said Catherine Acerboni, district administrator.

Tree orders will be accepted until March 18. Orders can be picked up April 15-16 at the Monroe County Fairgrounds, S. Custer (M-50) and Raisinville Rds. Inventory is limited, so pre-orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Any remaining inventory will be sold during order pickup dates. Customers who have ordered in the past should expect to receive their catalog by post or email by the end of January.

“We choose native Michigan tree species as best we can based on availability at nurseries,” Acerboni said in an email. “We consider the overall use of a tree and its suitability for our local landscape. Trees and shrubs, especially native species that are planted in the right place to do a specific job, can have many environmental benefits. Whether these trees are planted to form a windbreak to slow vicious winter winds, establish a buffer zone of riparian forest to filter stormwater runoff, or add vital wildlife habitat to the landscape, you’ll find the varieties available. in the spring catalog should offer an option that will be exactly what you need.

An evergreen tree (conifer) will provide a natural barrier against wind, dust and noise while providing habitat and food for various wildlife species, she said.

“They are extremely important as escape cover and winter shelter and serve as a summer nesting site for many species,” she said. “Flowering shrubs provide food for three seasons for wildlife, but also provide aesthetic appeal to your garden in winter. Shrubs can also be added to your windbreak, adding a more natural look while providing additional food sources.

Selected deciduous (hardwood) trees have many uses, such as shade and nesting sites in the summer, food and beautiful color in the fall, and a place for birds to roost in the winter.

Individuals can visit the district’s website at for more details on the species on offer, including photos. An order form can be downloaded directly from the product page.