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Celebration of Art calendar scheduled for September, with online catalog August 2 | Williams-Grand Canyon News

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. — On March 8, Grand Canyon Conservancy, the official nonprofit partner of Grand Canyon National Park, announced that its 2022 Celebration of Art program is now available online.

“The celebration of art at the Grand Canyon is a wonderful tradition, providing a dynamic experience for visitors, a place for artists inspired by the canyon, and a successful fundraiser for the creation of a future place of art. on the South Rim,” the conservancy said. declared.

The celebration, now in its 14th year, will begin operations in late summer, beginning with the publication of its online catalog on August 2, followed by an online silent auction from September 2-17.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to see artists painting “en plein air” (outside on site) from September 10 to 16.

“Artists will paint together along the edge for a special Paint Out event,” the reserve’s website said. “It’s a great time for visitors to ask questions and engage with artists as they create their beautiful plein-air paintings.”

The conservation also said there will be a live stream of the outdoor event on Facebook and YouTube for those unable to join in person.

Following the outdoor event, private collectors will have the opportunity to purchase artwork by appointment at the Grand Canyon’s historic Kolb Studio on September 16-17.

On September 18, Kolb Studio will host an online and in-person exhibition and sale.

Proceeds from the sale will go to a fund to establish a venue dedicated to art on the South Shore.

“Art plays a vital role in the appreciation of our national parks, and this event helps maintain the artistic tradition in the Grand Canyon experience,” the conservation said.

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