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Complete Lost Ark map catalog, how to expand the map catalog

During your adventure in Lost Ark, you will accumulate many, many cards over the course of the game. It’s all part of LA’s deck-building system. You will receive these cards from activities such as quests and sweepstakes. However, at some point you will reach the limit and your card catalog will be full. What to do then? Is there a way for you to expand your card catalog once it’s full? We will answer all these questions in this Complete Lost Ark map catalog, how to expand the map catalog guide.

Lost Ark The catalog of cards is explained in detail

The card catalog in Lost Ark is limited to 120 cards. Once this limit is reached, you will not be able to add any more cards to the catalog. One of the options is to simply delete a card if you don’t like it or prefer to have a more useful one. To do this, go to the Card Catalog menu, and in the “Improve” tab, select the “Delete Cards” option and then choose the cards you want to get rid of. Don’t worry, deleted cards will still grant you Card XP when you delete them. Of course, this is only a short-term solution and you may want to consider expanding the map catalog permanently. We will see how this is done in the next section.

How to expand the card catalog in Lost Ark

To increase your catalog of cards in Lost Ark, you will have to pay for it. Press ALT + C to access the Maps tab. Next, go to the Enhance tab and scroll down until you see the Expand Catalog Locations button. When you click on it, you will have the option to buy additional spaces in the card catalog. For 30 crystals you can get 10 extra slots. Currently, this is the only way to increase your map catalog space in LA.