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Crystal Gayle Catalog Coming to Stream: Exclusive – Billboard

Crystal Gayle has signed a deal with Time Life that will make 12 of her albums available to streaming services for the first time on Friday.

Although some of the “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” singer’s biggest hits have been available on streaming services, the deal with Time Life marks the first time Gayle’s albums have been made available in their entirety. on digital service providers.

Collections such as those of 1979 Miss Mississippinineteen eighty one Hollywood, TN and 1983 Cage the singing bird will be released on Friday (October 15), with 1986’s A Crystal Christmas available from 5 November. Gayle’s Best ever is slated for release on January 14, 2022, making a total of 14 albums to be fully released for the first time.

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Gayle says fans have been asking for years when more of her music will be available online. “I had all these albums and I really didn’t think about it, but I kept getting emails like, ‘When are you going to release this? When is this going to be available? » she says Billboard. “Time Life approached us. They are great people and they know what they are doing. I feel good with them, so I’m glad they wanted to be part of it.

Mike Jason, senior vice president of live entertainment at Time Life, says they started discussing the deal before the pandemic over lunch with Gayle and her husband/manager Bill Gatzimos. “We work with artists who have totally underrepresented classical material. There are so many great albums that are lost in this digital world where they don’t get distributed, so they don’t make it into the playlists. People are not exposed. We’ve developed this capability to help artists bring their material to market and showcase it so that it’s not just about getting it out there, but also setting up social media, advertising and messages to our fans. We have a huge database of music fans that we have built up over many, many years. We make sure they are aware of what is coming out.

Gayle, Loretta Lynn’s little sister, isn’t the first veteran artist to team up with Time Life to help expose their Ionic music. “During the pandemic, artists have had a chance to reflect on their careers, take time and work with their management, and gather their material,” says Jason. “So we’ve had some very significant opportunities over the last year to work with artists and help them get their material out,” he says of deals with TG Sheppard, T. Graham Brown, David Frizzell and Don McLean. “It was exciting to go back to the archives, see some really great stuff and bring it out. That’s what we’ve been doing a lot over the last year: bringing out material that has been overlooked.”

Gayle will discuss the new venture during a Facebook Live event Thursday at 1:30 p.m. ET. “I’m going to sing a few songs from some of these albums and answer questions, just have fun,” she says. “I want to talk about everything, including photo shoots and album covers, because I know that’s important to a lot of people. We can give them a bit of history of the albums as well as the music. I want people to know about the writers, producers and musicians I’ve worked with.

In addition to the country/pop albums made available, the deal with Time Life will include Gayle’s 1995 gospel album One daywhich was nominated for a Grammy for best southern country or bluegrass gospel album and its 1997 confessional collection He is handsome, as good as Crystal Gayle sings the heart and soul of Hoagy Carmichaeloriginally published in 1999.

“She’s had great pop and gospel success and it’s a chance for some of her young fans to see the breadth of her work over the years. I’m sure they know the best hits she’s had, but she’s had tons of hits in multiple genres and that’s exciting for us,” Jason says.

“She is music royalty and exactly the kind of artist we love to work with. We are a long-standing company that has brought music of all genres to millions of fans over the years, so this “is a perfect fit. We’re working on a very comprehensive social marketing strategy and advertising effort. The music is fantastic and sharing it is the most important thing to us. It’s our job to make sure we share it with as many people as possible.

When most people hear Time Life, they think of the collections of classic hits sold in late-night TV infomercials, and while the company has been successful for years selling this physical product, they’ve grown their live business as well. with a series of thematic programs. cruises such as the Soul Train and Country Music cruises. “We have a very lively themed musical cruise activity. Obviously we’ve taken a year and a half off, but we’ll get back to it,” says Jason, noting that the Malt Shop Memories cruise will set sail on October 30.