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DC releases new movie catalog to promote ‘The Batman’

With The Batman set to hit theaters next weekend, Warner Bros. is making one last major effort to promote Robert Pattinson’s debut as the Dark Knight – renaming his entire catalog of DC movies to The Batmanthe picture of.

As Redditor u/BatmanNewsChris on the r/DC_Cinematic subreddit pointed out, nearly every DC movie ever made has had its coverage updated on the Movies Anywhere streaming platform to reflect The Batman, with each movie poster now sporting a blood-red background and bat symbol emblem, in keeping with the marketing of Matt Reeves’ thriller Gotham. A total of 27 titles, from the 1978s superman: the movie to 2021 The Suicide Squad received the treatment. Check out the full gallery of officials The Batman– DC style posters below:

The posters encompass all four Christopher Reeves Superman films as well as Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher’s original series of Batman offerings, not to mention all of the modern-era DCEU films. However, there are a few notable exceptions, the most obvious being that of Christopher Nolan. Black Knight trilogy, which is ironic because these are the films that The Batman will be most closely compared to.

This is an interesting marketing tactic and suggests that the message WB wants to convey is that The Batman is the movie that all of DC’s previous efforts have focused on. Only time will tell if that turns out to be true, but Pattinson’s first outing under the hood is getting positive reactions so far, though we won’t know what critics are really thinking until the embargo on revisions is lifted on Monday.

Don’t miss The Batman once it finally lands in cinemas from this Friday, March 4.