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Disney+, all the films in the catalog in February 2022

2022 has started well for disney+ by adding Eternals in the catalog. Among the most relevant proposals for next month are the sumptuous aesthetics of The French Dispatchthe latest effort from Wes Anderson, which will be accompanied by adrenaline The King’s Man – The Origins, a prequel to chapters released in recent years. Finally, among the most important innovations, we find No Exit, an intriguing thriller that seems to have the potential to surprise. In addition to these films, there will also be a few films from the past and some exciting new entries, which will heat up next February, giving us a month that could give subscribers various satisfactions.

The French dispatch (February 16, 2022)

The incomparable hand of Wes Anderson always manages to characterize his films, revealing amazing aesthetic it surprises and, as we told you in the review of La Dépêche française, even this last title fully embodies the essence of the director, for better or for worse.

Anyone who enjoyed Anderson’s previous works will surely be at ease this time too, between brilliant creative ideas and unique style. Of course, it’s not a film for everyone, and if in the past you’ve had difficulty watching the well-known director’s films, then perhaps you’re better off turning your attention to something else, maybe leaving a door open for an opportunity. all in all, it’s an excellent title from several points of view.

The King’s Man – Origins (February 23, 2022)

After two chapters filled with action and adrenaline, we go back in time to witness the birth of the first independent intelligence agency and this time too there will be spectacular sequences and thrilling clashes, albeit to a lesser extent than in the past.

As we wrote in our review of The King’s Man The Origins, the prequel to Matthew Vaughn unfortunately fails to reach the values ​​glimpsed in the previous films and, despite a more elaborate weaving, this time it seems that the typical style of the franchise has been sacrificed in favor of a more reasoned storytelling. In any case, if you are a fan, we advise you to give it a chance, especially if you have seen the other chapters of the saga and are interested in discovering important details about how it all began.

No release (February 25, 2022)

Darby (Havana Rose Liu) is a young woman who, after embarking on a journey for her family, finds herself stuck in the middle of a blizzard which forces him to take refuge in a rest area on the highway. Unfortunately, the elements may not be the worst threat either, having discovered that a girl is taken hostage in a van parked nearby, Darby will try to find out who the culprit is, among strangers who will share the terrible experience with her.

The film is directed by Damien Powerand is based on the novel by taylor adams of 2017. Among the main performers are: Danny Ramirez, David Rysdahl, Mila Harris And Denis Haysbertin a tale that promises a high-tension story.

All the other movies are coming to Disney+ in February

Rise of Memories (February 4, 2022)
Alex Loweconsidered by many one of the greatest climbers of all timein 1999, he was hit by an avalanche on the slopes of the Tibetan mountain Shishapangma with his friend Camerman David Bridges. Their bodies remained buried for a long time, but after 17 years they were found by a group following the same path. In this documentary by Max Lowwe will follow the intention of Alex’s family to travel to the place through splendid landscapes, listening to the exciting reenactments of the family, a journey through memories that have been buried for too long.

Blackpink The Movie (February 16, 2022)
There is no doubt that Korea is having a moment of popularity in many sectors, and now it comes too Black Rosethis celebrates the famous K-pop group that has won fans around the world. Five years after their debut, the group then decided to offer the many fans (called FLASH) this film which traces the major stages of Blackpink’s incredible success between concerts, dreams and big goals.

Mickey’s Wonderful Winter (February 18, 2022)
Four specials linked to four different seasons featuring Mickey and his friends, for a product suitable for everyone, ideal for families and for all fans. Philip Cohen is the series producer, while Paul Rudish (Emmy winner) will serve as executive producer and supervising director. If you like baby mouse and the magical adventures that have always characterized the character, you will certainly also enjoy these specials, which will be available from February 18 and promise unforgettable stories.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (February 25, 2022)
brad pitt And Angelina Jolie in the role of John and Jane Smith, they are the protagonists of this entertaining and frenetic film which won over the public when it was released. Both are gods paid killers who find themselves living a rather peculiar life, in an action-packed romantic comedy that knows how to entertain. The relationship between the two will be at the center of the story, while their singular work will lead them to face a few too many problems. An ideal film to spend an evening with friends and, even if it is certainly not a masterpiece, Mr. and Mrs. Smith however, he manages to hit the target from different vantage points, e it even led to the two actors falling in love even in real life.