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DIY Gaming PC Components Online Store – Extended SSD Catalog

DiYPC, the one-stop-shop for PC components, has updated its parts list with new SSD, graphics card, and processor options available now for gaming builds.

The updated list now includes limited stock of Kingston and Seagate SSDs, which are notoriously hard to find elsewhere. These drives are priced just right for a DIY gaming PC, as they have enough storage to satisfy most gamers’ needs without increasing the overall project budget.

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The updated parts list complements an expansive parts catalog, organized to create a one-page shopping experience for PC enthusiasts everywhere. The store offers competitive pricing on all components, which is extremely valuable in today’s market where many PC parts can be nearly impossible to find.

PC makers are currently facing a crisis on two fronts. Pandemic-related scarcity and supply chain disruption have led to chip shortages, meaning silicon-based components are very scarce. This is on top of a shortage of graphics cards caused by an influx of crypto mining, which consumes a lot of medium to high quality hardware for use in mining rigs.

In this current market shortage, buying components for a PC build can be a real nightmare. Fortunately, DiYPC offers most of the major components one would need to build their own gaming PC at a great price, and now with an updated catalog of available parts and brands.

Among these new components is the Kingston Q500 2.5-inch SSD, a storage solution that can be easily used to expand PC storage capacity without spending hundreds of dollars on a 1TB drive that will never be fully utilized. . DiYPC has really tailored its catalog to the hobbyist with a variety of price ranges and options for different build levels.

Their online store is particularly convenient, as shoppers can add all the products they want to their cart with just one click and from a user-friendly interface, rather than having to visit multiple sites or pages through a catalog. messy and disorganized. They offer just enough options to satisfy enthusiasts without being overwhelming for new PC builders.

DiYPC really values ​​its customers and they even offer a free 90-day technical support window if there are any installation or operational issues. They even offer custom builds of PCs for a small fee, all from their catalog.

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