Catalog product – Complete Automotive Catalog – Deadline

After checking’s status on multiple sites, like Siteadvisor. Now we are doing this review. We were unable to collect much data to decide if Epcatalogs is safe for users. Additionally, we noticed that the domain does not appear to be malicious. So we can call this site legit.


The site includes a lot of technical information, mainly on the automotive market and solutions. Home repairers or professional mechanics will benefit from this information. One can get the following benefits from

  • The site offers spare parts catalogs for EPC and OEM (complete specific information on all the kits fitted to your vehicle. You can find out more about the correct serial codes for spare parts, prices, etc.
  • Workshop guide (repair rules, DIY steps with all correct sizes, wiring and connection diagrams).
  • Diagnostic programs (codes for detecting errors, more information for professional users).
  • Owner’s Manual and Guides. Analyze spare parts compatibility for your vehicle models by image references. Decide on the size and strength of the replacement parts.
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Site details

  1. Labelepcatalogs
  2. Site creation date – April 21, 2008
  3. Site reach – 269058 (good)
  4. Domain Blacklist Status – Not Detected by Blacklist Engines
  5. Valid HTTPS server
  6. World Traffic Ranking – 405956
  7. Worth approx. from- $10,440
  8. Servers – In the United States
  9. Scam Detector Rank – 58.3 (Active & Common)
  10. Category – Automotive field.

How to order

Steps to order the catalog on the site:

  1. Choose the catalogs you want to order.
  2. Go to “Add to cart” and place the selected catalogs in your cart.
  3. Complete the order form, including your name, contact, email address and delivery method.
  4. The sales managers will then contact you by e-mail and offer you various payment options.
  5. Details of your order and how to install it will be inside the delivery pack.

Return policy


In case you download the manual within 2 weeks. Then you can change the manual if you are not satisfied. At the same time, a full refund is there if you don’t download.

Defective item

If you receive a product in bad condition. You can return this item free of charge.

Come back

The total period of 2 weeks between the purchase of the item and its return. You must provide an invoice or receipt.


Upon inspection of the item, they will send your refund to the payment source.


Without a refund option, you must pay the shipping costs, if any.

Payment Options

Your order will only be processed after full payment. With the payment choices available:

  • PayPal: It is a safer and faster mode. The order will begin to be processed on the same day of payment. Use VISA or MASTERCARD to pay.
  • Payment: It takes about 1 week for payment. You will also give a transfer fee ($20-40). You need to send the payment receipt to process the order faster.
  • Western Union: For this option you need to go to western union website to pay through local agents.


  • How many people visit each day?

Total of 3252 visitors with a page impression rate of 9755.

  • What web server tool does use?

CloudFlare is the web server that powers

  • What are the DNS names of this server? and

Final exam

We have researched that this site provides the helps in auto parts, catalogs and tools for people. It has an official ranking of 58.3 according to Scam Detector software. The ranking signifies that the company has an active functioning in the best way.