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FlipBuilder helps create an interactive catalog to engage customers

Flip PDF Plus Pro is an easy-to-use digital catalog maker, helping businesses impress their target audience with captivating designs and media-rich online catalogs with realistic page flipping effect.

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Hong Kong, China — (Release Wire) – 12/27/2021 – Creating an attractive e-catalog of products or services is key to getting the business out to others and boosting sales. Fashion boutiques, cruise lines and even e-commerce platform giants create and publish digital catalogs to market their products. Creating and maintaining comprehensive and compelling electronic catalogs, on the other hand, is a complex task and requires creativity and technical skill. But not anymore. Flip PDF Plus Pro has become an excellent alternative to traditional methods of creating digital catalogs. Undoubtedly, Flip PDF Plus Pro is one of the fastest software, full of powerful features which can be used for create an interactive catalog from static PDF files in a snap.

“Flip PDF Plus Pro makes it easy to create impressive and interactive catalogs and lets you add YouTube or Vimeo videos, audio file, animations, background audio, etc. to make it rich in media. With Flip PDF Plus Pro at your service, you’ll feel like you have the expertise of a skilled catalog designer by your side,” says Lynn Tang, Customer Service Manager at FlipBuilder.

Most companies create catalogs as essential PDF files that customers can download, or worse, text documents. While there is nothing wrong with the structure, it has become relatively routine and does nothing to make the brand shine. That’s no longer the case with Flip PDF Plus Pro, which enables businesses of all sizes to quickly transform static PDF catalogs into interactive, media-rich e-books. Plus, businesses can quickly view, edit, and distribute them across social media and mobile platforms.

Flip PDF Plus Pro is a mobile-friendly catalog publishing solution that helps businesses and individuals showcase their digital catalogs across all platforms. With HTML5 output technology supported, eCatalogs have been developed to provide an enjoyable reading experience on PCs, iPhones, tablets and mobile phones. Additionally, users can add animations to their digital libraries for full interaction using the Animation Editor. All this is done in real time and without generating a single line of code to create an interactive catalog that will amaze viewers.

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About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder is a professional interactive flipbook maker that converts static PDF files into HTML5 flipbooks at lightning speed. The software has a simple interface and a variety of useful features to help users of all skills and backgrounds easily create and share different types of posts.

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