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FlipHTML5 Helps Create Virtual Catalog to Boost Business Performance

“Insert interactive trigger actions into virtual catalogs to help drive business sales.”

FlipHTML5 transforms a dull PDF into a graphical virtual catalog, leaving an imposing impression on readers which assists product marketing.

FlipHTML5 focuses on providing a convenient online publishing platform with powerful sharing functionality for publishers from different industries. It is an ideal place for companies to distribute their virtual catalogs in a practical and versatile way.

Compared with a PDF, the virtual catalog produced by FlipHTML5 is more vivid to attract readers, not only with page flip effects and sound, but with multi-dimensional display through videos, audio, animations and more interactive elements. Businessmen are able to generate their exquisite product catalogs with immersive reading experiences to engage audiences and increase the likelihood of a deal.

The virtual catalog is much more portable than PDF files thanks to its online reading function. With fast internet speed, content of hundreds of megabytes of large PDF files can be read in seconds after being converted into virtual catalogs on FlipHTML5.

It is quite easy and convenient to create and publish online. Businessmen just need to upload PDF files to FlipHTML5 platform and wait a few minutes for conversion into a flippable catalog. Featured with edit as post, FlipHTML5 supports inline editing and content update simultaneously in the unique URL. It is so smart that business people can update the content of virtual catalog online anytime, anywhere, and readers can get its latest information.

Trigger actions are crucial features for marketing. By adding a link, call, email address and other trigger actions, the virtual catalog provides readers with accessible ways to contact businesses directly for desired products or services, simplifying the process of obtaining contact information. Various contact channels help to improve the conversion rate to some extent in this way. Moreover, businessmen are able to brand by adding their logos to build brand awareness and influence readers unconsciously, to achieve marketing.

“Our virtual catalogs offer many features to make marketing activities easier, faster and more fun. We are working hard to upgrade this platform to help businesses expand their reach to a global audience,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

Learn more about the virtual catalog at FlipHTML5.

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FlipHTML5 is committed to growing its digital publishing platform, providing the best solutions for publishers to create, store and distribute their beautiful content globally. It is suitable for creators from different industries and helps improve content performance.

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