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Here’s your chance to own a slice of BAD COMPANY’s catalog through ROYALTY EXCHANGE

Royalty exchangean online auction marketplace for music and entertainment copyrights, offers a rare opportunity to win sound recording rights paid for by the iconic swan song record label, now owned by Warner Music Groupfor selected albums from the legendary British rock band’s sound recording catalog BAD COMPANY.

What is sold is a share of the manager’s commission on all sound recording royalties earned from the recordings of several BAD COMPANY albums, including “Bad Company” (1974),“Good shooter” (1975),“Angels of Desolation” (1979),“Rough Diamonds” (1982),“10 from 6” (1985),“Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy: The Best of Bad Company” (2015),“An Introduction to Bad Company” (2018) and “Live in Concert 1977 and 1979” (2016).

BAD COMPANY is shaded only by ZEPPELIN LED as one of the iconic artists released under the ZEPPELIN LED-based swan song label. Hailed as one of the key members of the pantheon who created the “classic rock” genre as we know it, BAD COMPANY released their self-titled debut album in 1974 and continued to release until 1996 with their 12th studio album, “Told and Untold Stories”.

With nearly three million Spotify monthly listeners, the stability of BAD COMPANYThe catalog’s appeal among classic rock fans is solid and consistent – with no downward trend in sight. Including smash hits such as “Want to make love”named 78th “Best Hard Rock Song of All Time” by VH1, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy”certified gold by the RIAAas well as “Shooting star”this list features time-tested standards that help shape the canon of 20th-century popular music.

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