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How Dusk Falls 8-player mode can pull from Supermassive’s catalog

The recent Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase had its fair share of big reveals, but some of its most intriguing announcements came from the most surprising places. An all-new interactive cinematic experience from Interior/Night is one such surprise, pushing its way beyond star field and Hollow Knight: Silksong to take the limelight for a few moments. Even though it only aired for a few minutes, As dusk falls managed to capture the attention of a good handful of gamers, reminiscent of classic choose-your-own adventures while using a vibrant watercolor art style that instantly sets it apart from the competition.


From a gameplay point of view, As dusk falls doesn’t do anything too unique. The general gameplay loop will apparently see players take control of a range of complex characters, who each find themselves tied to a variety of intense circumstances. Players will have to make quick decisions in order to calm a situation and ensure their character’s survival. If that sounds a little familiar, that’s because it is. Supermassive Games has made a name for itself over the past few years leading the charge in this particular genre. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for competition, and As dusk falls‘ The ambitious 8-player co-op mode could learn a thing or two from Supermassive’s catalog.

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The story of Supermassive in multiplayer

Although Supermassive Games has been working in the industry since 2010, the studio only really succeeded with its release in 2015, Until dawn. With excellent presentation, compelling writing, and a wide cast of colorful characters, Until dawn was an exciting journey that was brimming with 1980s slasher nostalgia. But there was one particular mechanic that fans said the game lacked: multiplayer.

Although there is no official multiplayer mode included with Until dawn, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating their own methods of cooperative play. Although the methods vary, there is one that has become particularly popular. The characters in the game would be divided equally between the number of players, and whenever that character is on screen, the respective player would control them. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a great way to make sure everyone was really invested in the narrative and the fate of their characters.

When it came time for Supermassive to release their next branching narrative game, Dark Pictures Anthology: The Man from Medan, two multiplayer modes have been included from the shift. Drawing heavily from the fans, Medan ManThe most popular multiplayer mode, named “Movie Night”, allows five players to roam the countryside locally, each controlling one of the game’s characters. The other multiplayer mode, named “Shared Story”, allows two players to join online to play together through the story, each controlling half of the cast.

These multiplayer modes continued throughout Supermassive Dark pictures series, but with the latest version from the developer, a new mechanism has been introduced. Where in the Dark pictures players in the series would each control a character and make decisions for themselves, The careerOnline co-op mode sees a single player control all characters, but gives each player a vote for every decision in the game. The choice with the most votes is the action the character takes, and if there is if tied, the result is random.

What Dusk Falls Should Take Supermassive

According to initial reports, As dusk falls will use a multiplayer style similar to that of Supermassive The career. In As dusk falls, up to eight players can join the game. Unlike Supermassive’s back catalog, players can connect to a As dusk falls game using their phone, keeping the experience accessible to everyone. A little like The careerplayers will be responsible for voting on game choices, with the most voted decision being the one that continues the story and impacts the characters.

If there is one thing that As dusk falls should learn from Supermassive’s multiplayer modes, it’s to make them a bit more interactive. While it’s great to allow up to eight players to play a central role in advancing the story, this type of gameplay can get a bit the same after a while. As dusk falls may want to include more varied gameplay sections for its multiplayer mode, such as having each player use their phone independently to search for clues or hidden objects in a room.

Apparently, As dusk falls will provide a list of stats at the end of each chapter that detail how each player has voted so far. These stats range from the type of decision that was made, to how quickly the player made the decision, even going so far as to suggest the player’s potential personality type based on the choices they made and how they could have affected the characters. . If this mechanism is used to its full potential, then As dusk falls may already be a step above previous Supermassive titles.

As dusk falls is slated for release on July 19 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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