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How to Get Catalog Points in Splatoon 3

The Catalog is a seasonal item in Splatoon 3 that gives players plenty of customization options as they progress through the different levels and get their hands on plenty of rewards as well as emotes.

Catalogs can be obtained from the game’s general store, known as Hotlantis and which is only unlocked once players have reached level 4 in the game. Once in the store, they will be able to talk to the NPC , Harmony, which will give them a catalog containing a variety of clothing and equipment that players can use to customize characters in the game.

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A catalog, like a battle pass in a multiplayer title, comes with different tiers, with each tier containing a different set of loot for players to get their hands on. However, to unlock levels, players will need to obtain and spend an in-game currency known as Catalog Points.

So today’s guide will seek to explain how players can effectively get Catalog Points in Splatoon 3 and get their hands on some of the amazing loot the tiers will have to offer.

Getting Catalog Points in Splatoon 3

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Players will primarily be able to earn Catalog Points in Splatoon 3 in two ways:

1) By purchasing through regular points

One of the easiest ways to get catalog points in the shooter is to buy them directly with regular points. Players will get their hands on plenty of regular points in the shooter game by simply playing the various game modes, players can use Thai currency to purchase catalog points in the game.

Regular Points are the same currency that will allow players to purchase items from Naut Couture, Man-o’-Wardrobe, and Crush Station, the other three cosmetic shops in Spplatoon 3.

2) Earn catalog points by playing games

The second most effective way to earn Catalog Points in-game is by participating in the game’s multiplayer matches. Anarchy Battles, and many more that will earn them catalog points.

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Winning games will net players a significant amount of those points, so if one is a bit short of currency for the next tier unlock, then they can just jump into an online game and get some of the currency.

After earning the required amount, all three Splatoon players can simply return to Holantis and redeem it for certain catalog rewards.

Previously, Nintendo confirmed that it would release a new catalog in the shooter every three months for the next two years. Therefore, there are plenty of collectible loot such as cosmetics, gear, and emotes for players to get their hands on until the end of 2024.

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