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How to View the Entire Catalog in Splatoon 3

The latest entry in Nintendo’s family shooter series, Splaton 3, introduces new features to keep the game from feeling outdated and dodgy. One of them is the catalog system; A feature somewhat similar to Season Passes in most online games, the Catalog lets you collect seasonal rewards from cosmetics, gear, and food stamps, to ability chunks by accumulating skill points. catalog. But you can’t actually see all of the item rewards through the in-game menu; instead, you have to use Nintendo’s mobile app to view the full Splaton 3 Catalog.

How to View the Entire Splatoon 3 Catalog

How to View the Entire Catalog in Splatoon 3

Funny enough, the full list of catalog items isn’t available in-game. Just like using QR codes, to be able to view the entire Splaton 3 Catalog items, you need to download the Nintendo Switch Online Mobile App from Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android devices. Next, sign in using your Nintendo Online account, select Splaton 3 to open the Splat Net 3 menu and select the blue Catalog icon. You should now be able to see the entire Splaton 3 Catalog item rewards. It’s a pretty roundabout way, but I guess Nintendo really wants to promote their mobile app.

To unlock the Catalog, you must first reach Level 4, then speak to Harmony at Hotlantis or the General Store. You can increase your catalog level and earn catalog points by:

  • Earn EXPs from online battles.
  • Job changes in Salmon Run Next Wave.
  • And Achievements.

Remember that if a Splatfest is in progress, the number of points you will get will be increased. And if you level up a Catalog while previewing Splatfest, you’ll also get Conch Shells.

nintendo promised to add a new catalog to Splaton 3 every three months for two years, each labeled after one season and one year of release. New weapons should also be added around the same time as new catalogs.

Splatoon 3 Drizzle Season 2022 Catalog List

How to View the Entire Catalog in Splatoon 3

Currently, Splaton 3 hosts the 2022 drizzle season, which ends November 11, 2022 at 7 p.m. local time. If you haven’t downloaded the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app yet, below is a list of all Drizzle Season 2022 catalog items by tier.

  1. Banner
  2. Title
  3. Emote
  4. Food ticket
  5. Headphones
  6. White Tshirt
  7. Pink sneakers
  8. deck of cards
  9. Sticker
  10. Decoration
  11. Food ticket
  12. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  13. Banner
  14. Sticker
  15. Emote
  16. Drink ticket
  17. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  18. Title
  19. DX Air Gills
  20. Tentatek Tandem
  21. pink punk
  22. Sticker
  23. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  24. Food ticket
  25. mystery box
  26. Banner
  27. Decoration
  28. Sticker
  29. Pilot goggles
  30. Zinc coated LS
  31. Purple Hi-Horses
  32. Drink ticket
  33. Title
  34. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  35. Emote
  36. Sticker
  37. Banner
  38. Title
  39. Retro BluFocals
  40. Lime BlobMob Tee
  41. Skipjack work boots
  42. Food ticket
  43. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  44. Banner
  45. Decoration
  46. Sticker
  47. Title
  48. Drink ticket
  49. Cool Card Pack
  50. mystery box
  51. Emote
  52. Sticker
  53. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  54. Title
  55. Sticker
  56. Food ticket
  57. Title
  58. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  59. breaking wave
  60. Celestial Sudadera
  61. Cuttlefish Sandies
  62. Decoration
  63. Drink ticket
  64. Banner
  65. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  66. Sticker
  67. Title
  68. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  69. Classic Straw Boater
  70. Annaki Strap Tee
  71. Red hammer walkers
  72. Food ticket
  73. Title
  74. Decoration
  75. mystery box
  76. Emote
  77. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  78. Banner
  79. Retro framers
  80. Lime Battlecrab Shell
  81. Blue prawns
  82. Sticker
  83. Drink ticket
  84. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  85. Title
  86. Sticker
  87. Deck of Cards (Table Land)
  88. Food ticket
  89. Glasses without glass
  90. distressed vest
  91. Inky Clam Dunks
  92. Decoration
  93. Title
  94. Sticker
  95. Drink ticket
  96. Title
  97. Banner
  98. Emote
  99. mystery box
  100. Triple Deck Specifications

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Splaton 3 is exclusively available on nintendo switch.