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IBM Think 2022 – Wide Range of IBM Software Catalogs Now Available as SaaS Offerings on AWS

IBM announced today that has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), with the intention of offering a wide range of its software catalog as software as a service (SaaS) on AWS.

Leveraging IBM software available as a service (aaS) on IBM Cloud, IBM and AWS say this first-of-its-kind agreement between them will provide customers with quick and easy access to IBM software that spans automation, data and AI, security and sustainability capabilities that build on Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)and runs natively in the cloud on AWS.

“Companies like ours are looking for faster return on investment and quick time to service. Becoming a cloud-focused AWS organization has put us on the path of a digital innovator, using technology to better serve our customers,” said Guilherme Ximenes, Chief Technology Officer at Banco Inter, a 100% cloud-based Brazilian fintech on AWS. “The availability of IBM SaaS offerings on AWS will allow companies like ours to focus on creating value for our customers without worrying about managing IT infrastructure, which will help us innovate faster.”

The two companies are also engaging in a wide range of joint investments to make it easier for customers to use IBM software on AWS, including go-to-market activities integrated into sales and marketing, channel incentives , developer enablement and training, and solution development. for vertical markets and key industries such as oil and gas, travel and transportation, etc.

Over the next 18 months we will see nearly 19 key software offerings from IBM available as SaaS on AWS running on ROSA, Manu Parbhakar, hstrategic partnerships at AWS, announced at the IBM Think 2022 event today.

Some of these offerings include IBM API Connect, IBM Db2, IBM Observability by Instana APM, IBM Maximo Application Suite, IBM Security ReaQta, IBM Security Trusteer, IBM Security Verify and IBM Watson Orchestrate, with more to follow later this year.

IBM said this will allow customers to source IBM SaaS products from AWS Marketplace, then configure and integrate them with AWS services, allowing them to get started in a few clicks without deploying, updating or managing infrastructure. IBM SaaS products on AWS are designed to provide high availability and elastic scaling on demand to meet unpredictable throughput needs, and will deliver a native AWS experience with deep integration of out-of-the-box AWS services and support for CloudFormation and Terraform templates to enable end-to-end workflow automation.

For example, by using IBM Maximo Application Suite as a service, a manufacturer will be able to take a flexible, demand-driven approach to AI-based asset management to help them monitor and maintain equipment more efficiently. , or to predict potential mechanical failures to correct them before they create interruptions. By leveraging a scalable consumption model for these applications, it can free up capital for innovation, prototyping, tooling, and production, and easily expand their use over time as needs change. market trends and production demands, IBM explained.

Additionally, with more than 10,000 AWS Certifications and 13 AWS Competencies, IBM said IBM Consulting and IBM Security Services can help customers build and deploy modern, secure, and smarter workflows with IBM Software on AWS.

The availability of these SaaS products complements the company’s portfolio of over 30 software products that can currently be manually deployed in AWS Marketplace, and provides the ability to bring your own license (BYOL) for users who already have their own. license so they can deploy software. faster. Together, this gives organizations a comprehensive set of options to build and run software in the way that best meets their unique business needs.

“As the hybrid cloud continues to become reality for our customers, IBM is ready and willing to meet them with a portfolio of flexible, cloud-native software, wherever they are in the cloud or in data centers” , said Tom Rosamilia, senior vice president, IBM Software. “By deepening our collaboration with AWS, we are taking another major step by giving organizations the ability to choose the hybrid cloud model that best suits their own needs and workloads, freeing them to focus on solving their most pressing business challenges. ”

“Our collaboration with IBM enables joint customers to accelerate their cloud modernization and consume IBM services cloud-natively on AWS,” said Matt Garman, senior vice president of sales and marketing at AWS. “As part of our multi-year agreement, AWS will work with IBM to offer a broad range of IBM software as SaaS on AWS. In addition, we will work together on stronger joint marketing and co-selling programs for customers.