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IKEA launched a unique baby name catalog of 800 names inspired by their furniture

There are many places parents can look for inspiration when trying to name their soon-to-be baby. We’ve heard of unique baby names for boys and girls inspired by movies and TV, place names on the map, or current world events.

But have you ever thought about leafing through an Ikea catalog? Probably not, but the furniture company wants it. Here’s what you need to know.

IKEA, the Swedish furniture company that brings us functional and affordable pieces for our homes, wants to help parents find the perfect name for their baby. The store is famous for having interesting names for each of its products, and now it uses this skill even more.

“Finding the child’s name can be both challenging and fun,” writes Ikea Norway, according to Google Translate. “At IKEA, we have been naming products for more than 70 years. So if you’re completely stuck, or just want some inspiration, you’ll find over 800 boy and girl names here.

Yes, the company has launched a baby name portal where parents can use the company’s naming perfection to find a unique name. “Everything from the popular Ivar to rarer names like Moalie,” writes Ikea.

Other notable names in the 800 Names catalog include big baby names like Bruno, Florin, Margit, Cilla, Dora, Figge, Hedvig, Isidora, Pippi, Wikki and Zulu.

All names are attached to a photo of the piece of furniture they are named after – and information about when the piece of furniture itself was sold at Ikea. Some names are super retro, dating back to the 70s, while others are reminiscent of more recent years like 2006.

It’s true: the portal’s 800 baby names are from IKEA products, so your child might share a name with a chair, a functional storage system or a colorful fake flower. However, Ikea also takes its name from its own furniture from elsewhere, so you can always say you were inspired by the Swedish beauty.

“IKEA names its products after Swedish towns, lakes and other geographical features,” Ikea said in a statement, “but also uses names that are traditionally given to people.”

This isn’t the first time Ikea product names have inspired baby names. In 2018, there was a trend in the UK where millennial parents were choosing names from the Ikea catalog to give to their babies.

“Naming your baby after Ikea furniture may seem ridiculous at first glance, but don’t dismiss the idea!” BabyCenter UK wrote at the time. “IKEA is known for the charming Scandinavian names it gives to its products and many work surprisingly well as baby names.”