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Innovations arrive in the AMC+ catalog in September

service diffusion AMC+ is already seeing the end of the holidays, so it wants to encourage its customers with the premiere of several dramas for its content catalog in September. Among them, his first animated series or the new and long-awaited By-product of success The Walking Dead.

Next month is the first series to see the light of day dream of england (September 1), a Swedish comedy-drama set in the 1980s, will consist of six 50-minute episodes.

Produced by Emma Hamburg and Deniz Karabuda, the production follows three generations of women, daughter, mother and grandmother, who live in a stuffy small town in Sweden, while the youngest of them saves money for her studies. Starts a job in a porn printing house. ,

AMC+ will launch on September 2, a day after the premiere pantheon, his first animated series based on a collection of short stories by award-winning author Ken Liu. The story centers on Maddie (Katie Chang), a teenage girl who suffers from naughty and mysteriously receives help online.

The stranger turns out to be her recently deceased father, David (Daniel Dae Kim), whose consciousness was uploaded to the cloud with a devastating brain scan. David is the first creature of a new kind, a downloaded information, But it won’t be the last, as a global conspiracy has been hatched that threatens a new kind of world war.

This sci-fi drama explores the outer limits of humans and technology capable of creating and destroying, focusing on the burden of human consciousness. Cloud,

On September 8, the platform presents a preview of the Belgian thriller production pandora, which depicts the tensions and conflicting interests between justice, politics and the media. The story centers on Claire, a coroner whose father, a well-known politician, faces potentially devastating revelations.

Written and directed by women, the play is spread over 10 one-hour episodes with weekly premieres every Thursday.

Full of action, subscribers will be able to enjoy blue Moon 15, a Canadian series that offers an in-depth look at a multi-million dollar organization that operates in strict obscurity from certain individuals and the government. The plot follows military explosives expert Justin Laurier (Karine Vanase) receiving a majority stake in Blue Moon, following the death of his father. Will he be able to gain respect among them?

and continues on the 22nd with the universe of the living dead tales of the living deadit is By-product is an anthology series comprised of standalone episodes centered on individual characters, both new and recurring from the original narrative. Each hour-long episode has its own tone and perspective, with the protagonist making life-and-death decisions.