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Julian Casablancas sells his stake in the Iconic Strokes catalog

julian-casablancas-catalog-sale.jpg Julian Casablancas – Credit: Paul R. Giunta/Invision/AP

Julian Casablancas has sold a stake in his Strokes catalog to Primary Wave, the company says rolling stone, marking yet another major artist selling his music rights amid a hot song acquisition market.

Primary Wave declined to specify exactly how much of the catalog the company bought or how much it paid as part of the deal, but the sale gives the company access to tracks, including platinum-certified hits “Last Nite”, “Someday” and “Reptile. The company has purchased a stake in Casablancas’ publishing rights as well as mastering rights to the songs. A representative from Primary Wave said the deal only includes the rights to Casablancas on the Strokes, not his other projects.

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While Casablancas also embarked on a solo career and released two albums with rock band The Voidz, he is most famous as the frontman and main songwriter of The Strokes, who went on to become one of the artists most influential of their generation within the framework of garage rock. early 2000s revival. Their first 2001 classic Is this this has sold over one million copies and is ranked 114th in rolling stones 500 greatest albums of all time. The Strokes have released five albums since Is this, and although none of their albums enjoyed the same critical or commercial success as their debut album, they remained a consistent force on the rock scene, winning their first Grammy Award and nomination in 2021 with The new abnormal which won Best Rock Album.

Casablancas is the latest in a long line of top musicians who have sold the rights to their catalogs in recent years. Companies like Primary Wave and Hipgnosis Song Management have played a key role in this growing trend, providing musicians with unprecedented deals for their work. Older artists have been particularly active in selling their catalogs, leaving their musical heritage in the hands of music companies while taking payment to leave for their families instead.

Stevie Nicks sold a stake in her publishing rights to Primary Wave in late 2020 for $100 million. Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen are other major artists who have sold their music rights. Catalog sales aren’t exclusively a game of legacy artists, however; Justin Timberlake sold his publishing rights to Hipgnosis last week.

Companies like Primary Wave hope to increase catalog revenue by placing songs in movies and TV shows, and introducing old hits to new audiences through viral marketing on social media like TikTok. Primary Wave have been ambitious with the music they source, going so far as to hold flip camps where they give songwriters and producers access to their catalog to take old songs and make potential new hits.

“Primary Wave is delighted to partner with Julian Casablancas for his work in The Strokes,” Primary Wave partner David Weitzman said in a statement. “Julian’s extraordinary talents as a songwriter, vocalist and frontman breathe the magic that is The Strokes. The Strokes are one of the most important bands of this century and are loved by a multi-generational audience that has made them a global festival headliner.

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