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Jumping Back Slash releases a new single on the Swak catalog: Listen

From the album ‘A Map of the Hills I Chose To Die On’

Martin Guttridge Hewitt

Tuesday December 7, 2021 – 1:56 PM

Jumping Back Slash has a new single on Swak Catalog, taken from the album ‘A Map of the Hills I Chose to Die On’: eight pieces of experimental sounds on the theme of “loss and quixotic battles against giant enemies”.

The track, ‘Wotuno’, which the South Africa-based British-born producer describes as “something or other bizarre amapiano / bacardi hybrid”, has been unveiled online with its own animated video. The full disc is also available now and available digitally through Bandcamp.

The explosion of Amapiano, a South African-born variant of house music, has been impossible to miss this year, influencing everything from DJ star Mag’s latest single DJ Lag, to Cooly G’s recent EP Hyperdub, with artists such as Mr Jazziq, Major League DJs and Gaba Cannal help push sound far beyond the borders of his homeland.

Photo credit: Jono Kyriakou