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Kanye West is looking for a buyer for his catalog of songs and wants 175 million dollars

Update: 2:23 PM ET September 21, 2022: West responded to reports that his catalog might be up for sale on Instagram, writing, “JUST LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT, MY EDITION IS LISTED FOR SALE WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, NOT FOR SALE. »

He then shared an alleged text message receiving confirmation that although his edition has not gone on sale, “every publisher wants to plant it. [sic] hardest to buy.

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Kanye West is reportedly looking for a buyer for his catalog of songs, with an estimated asking price of $175 million.

According to Billboard, sources say West’s team has been testing the waters to see how much the rapper and producer’s edit could fetch on the open market. West is said to be looking to reap up to 35 times the publisher’s net share, or gross profit, from the sale. West’s share of his publications earns him about $5 million a year, hence the $175 million figure that was attached to the deal.

Overall, Ye’s publishing generates approximately $13.25 million in royalties per year, however, since many of his songs have multiple songwriters, it is difficult to access the percentages attributed to him for a given song. According to Billboard, West owns a larger percentage of the publishing royalties on his first four studio albums (35%) than on his last catalog (20%).

Since many of his hits are still in circulation, it can be difficult to determine or gauge the performance of new songs in his catalog over time. Still, West’s desired price tag is virtually unprecedented, even for musical megastars of his stature.

Another issue stems from ongoing litigation over songwriter splits over certain songs in West’s catalog, which have yet to be settled. Without knowing what percentage of the edition West will ultimately hold of these songs in question, it is difficult to determine a concrete valuation.

Representatives for West have reduced communication and their test of the market in recent months, with sources speculating the decision may be due to the inability to secure their asking price. They could also be in quiet negotiations with a potential buyer.

Others have argued that West’s catalog was never officially purchased and that he and his representatives simply received offers for his catalog, which is standard industry practice.

Sony Music Publishing, which currently manages its catalog, has yet to release a statement on the reports. A representative for West did not immediately return our request for comment.

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