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Launch Tech UK launches new catalog

Source: Launch Tech UK announcement

SALTRAM, UK – Premium diagnostic equipment supplier Launch Tech UK has released its latest product catalog covering its expanded range.

The new Directory of Premium Diagnostic and Workshop Equipment is a comprehensive guide to the latest iteration of Launch Tech UK’s expanded product offering, aimed at vehicles of all ages and powertrains.

Dave Richards, Managing Director of the company, said: “All Launch Tech UK equipment is designed for multi-brand diagnostic use and can interrogate the multiple control units found on modern cars. Launch Tech’s ease of use, broad vehicle coverage and extensive diagnostic capabilities across its entire range of smart tablets make it the brand of choice for workshops around the world.

The new product catalog offers a jargon remover function, helping garages, mechanics and drivers understand the latest acronyms and abbreviations used in the trade.

Launch Tech’s extensive range of maintenance and service equipment, including brake fluid exchangers, TPMS readers, diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning tools and air conditioning service units .

The catalog offers key features and functions of advanced shop tools such as Launch Tech’s VT46, capable of activating the sensor, resetting and programming the ECU on all brands of RF tire valve, and Launch’s DPF gun, designed to aid in the cleaning of DPFs, which have become ubiquitous on vehicles as stricter emissions standards come into effect.

Also featured is the company’s CAT-501S, which cleans and maintains the entire transmission system quickly and easily with one device. With direct detergent fill, the CAT-501S allows fluid selection based on viscosity, and the unit monitors oil temperature and pressure.

The range of vehicle diagnostics and coverage is constantly expanding with weekly software updates via the tablet’s Android operating system.

The new catalog can be downloaded from the website here