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more series and films in the catalog

The popular video streaming platform Netflix includes a large number of titles of all kinds in its catalog. These correspond to films, series and documentaries of a wide variety of genres that we can enjoy. But on some occasions, it will cost us more than necessary to find content that really interests us.

It is true that initially we have a powerful search engine in the web version itself or in the corresponding applications, to locate specific titles. Moreover, the same platform shows us a good amount of movies and series which he considers similar to our tastes. These titles are compiled from other videos we have already watched. However, it must be recognized that these automatic recommendations are often not very effective.

Also, by default netflix It offers us a series of categories that could be considered somewhat limited when looking for new content. However, for anyone who wants to refine a bit more and locate more specific movies and series, we will help you next. We tell you all this because the platform offers us a series of categories that were initially hidden, but which we can use, as we are going to show you.

In this way we will have access to many more specific categories to further refine the location of what we want to see at that time. This is precisely what we are going to show you next. First of all, we will have to access a website where the video platform shows us all the hidden codes with their corresponding categories. As we’ll see firsthand here, we’re going to find plenty of other types of titles to be on the safe side.

Discover the hidden categories of Netflix

Normally we access this online video service from the mobile app, the official the Windows application, or from the web version. Well, it must be kept in mind that to take advantage of this cheat and see the Netflix Hidden Categories, we will have to use the aforementioned web version of the platform. The first thing we do is access this website where we find all the hidden categories to which we refer.

We only have to examine them and we will see first hand a much wider distribution than what we are used to here. In turn, next to each of these categories we find a numerical code that we will have to write. And it is that each of these numerical codes will serve us to access the desired genre of the video service as such.

Once we have noted the codes that interest us in relation to the genres that we want to search, we open the browser in a conventional way. It is now that we are going to access the Netflix platform, but we are going to use this address that we leave you here:

Of course, instead of the X, we’ll enter code number of the category we are interested in researching.

At that time, all the titles belonging to it will appear on the screen so that we can start playing it. It is something that we will have the possibility of repeating with as many codes as we wish.