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Netflix’s Games Catalog Will Grow Twice But No One Is Interested

According to Apptopia analysts, Netflix is ​​looking to expand its presence in the games market by doubling its portfolio of offers by the end of 2022. The company has started distributing products from a new category for itself since November of last year. We are talking about Netflix games.

According to Apptopia report, subscribers have made over 23.3 million Netflix mobile entertainment installs so far. On average, the games are used by around 1.7 million users per day. This represents less than 1% of the service’s 221 million audience.

The importance of gaming in Netflix’s overall strategy has grown in recent months as the company has begun to face increased competition for user attention. In the second quarter of this year, Netflix had to declare the loss of almost a million subscribers. While in the first quarter, the base decreased by 200,000 subscribers.

Netflix games are stepping up, but few members are participating

“One of Netflix’s many advantages in pursuing the strategy is the ability to drive engagement beyond the show’s first release on the platform,” said DA principal analyst Tom Forte. Davidson.

Last year, in a letter to shareholders, Netflix management named Epic Games and TikTok as one of its main rivals. In the fight for the time people can devote to entertainment. Currently, there are only 24 offerings in the Netflix games catalog. But by the end of the year, that number could reach 50.

Netflix has also partnered with third parties to expand its portfolio of offerings and last year acquired three development studios. The company’s management is in no hurry to disclose data on its spending on the new segment. Around $72 million had to be paid for the Finnish studio Next Games.

“We are going to be experimental and try a lot of things. But I would say that the eyes that we have on long-term prize are more focused on our ability to create properties that relate to the universes, the characters, the stories that we’re building.