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New Scott Digital Catalog Subscription Launched

Philatelic Foreword by Jay Bigalke

The new Scott Digital Catalog subscription went live in mid-March. The rollout started with an email to former users of our old digital catalog system, and now the new system is ready for everyone to use.

Subscriptions are sold for an access period of one year from the date you subscribe. There is no specific year date for the digital catalogs, which means you will always have the most recent version of the catalog.

A great deal of information is provided on the individual catalog landing pages, so I won’t repeat it all here. What I’m going to do is highlight items for each of the catalogs currently available and take a look at what’s to come.

Specialized Digital US

The Scott Specialized catalog of United States stamps and envelopes is already the most popular subscription option.

What sets it apart from the previous digital version is that we will have two updates per year on catalog values. And new US stamps will be added monthly (if there are new stamps that month) after posting in by Linn monthly edition.

Additionally, specialty catalog files are organized in a library by type: provisional, postage, airmail, federal duck stamps, and more. You can search an area of ​​the catalog or the entire library.

Sold separately in print, the United Nations section will remain in the U.S. Specialized digital catalog, as will the electronic versions of the Scott Definitive Stamp Issues Identifier and the Scott U.S. Specialized stamp values ​​by grade.

An improvement coming throughout the year is the addition of images in all sections; the goal is ultimately to imagine everything. We have already digitized thousands of new images and are preparing them for showing.

The classic Scott catalog

One of the Scott’s most powerful features Classic Specialized Catalog of Stamps and Letters 1840-1940 is the ability to search the entire library for nearly 500 stamp-issuing entities.

Stamps for British Commonwealth nations are included up to 1952. Additionally, this catalog features extensive listings that are not included in any of our others.

As we do for the U.S. Specialized Digital Catalog, we are scanning thousands of stamps to display in the Classic Specialized Digital Catalog, and the fruits of those efforts will likely begin to appear this fall.

The standard catalog

The Scott Catalog of standard postage stamps, Flight. 1-6, is available as a set and as individual volumes.

For dealers at a trade show, online power sellers and themed stamp collectors, the whole set search functionality will save a lot of time finding that particular stamp.

Individual countries are also indexed so you can access different types of stamps: postage, airmail, etc.

Similar efforts to add images are also underway with these catalogs. Flight. 1 contains nearly 1,000 new images that have not been photographed before.

Upcoming promotions

Stay tuned for future developments beyond this initial subscription launch. We will be attending the next Westpex Stamp Show in April and others throughout the year to promote the new Scott Digital Catalog subscription.

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