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New YONDER app reimagines serialized fiction with a curated catalog of bestselling authors and the most exciting voices in storytelling

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Serialized fiction just updated with THE LOW, from the teams behind leading storytelling technology platforms WEBTOON and Wattpad. Launching today, YONDER is a new serialized fiction app offering a premium, curated experience to the hottest category in serialized publishing and storytelling. Designed for binge-worthy stories, YONDER elevates serialized fiction, with a focus on curation, stories from influential authors and editors, and an enhanced experience that rewards readers with more to read. With millions of people reading fiction online every month, YONDER also offers publishers and authors an exciting way to tap into this growing category, reach new audiences and monetize in a new format.

From spooky to steamy, mysterious to scintillating, YONDER hosts a wide range of thrilling fiction, with new chapters added daily. YONDER’s launch catalog features hundreds of stories across all genres, including a serialized adaptation of The remarried empress by Alphatart, the global webnovel and webcomic phenomenon with over 1.5 billion reads WEBTOON. YONDER is also home to new exclusive titles like Linked to the Prince of Shadows of Ruby Dixonthe international best-selling fantasy author of the viral sensation series TikTok Ice Planet Barbarians; Bitten by desire, the first paranormal romance from the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and #1 bestselling author on Amazon ivy smokebest known for The hunt series; and Song of the Graves, a spin-off of the hugely popular web series The wandering inn from the beloved author of LitRPG pirateaba.

YONDER also works with innovative, award-winning publishers to bring fiction from various genres to the app. Blackstone Edition, Ethon, sterling and stone, Portal booksand Spectral Mark are among YONDER’s premier publishing partners, bringing a mix of popular and exclusive stories to the app. Publisher Content at Launch Includes New York Times Best-Selling YA Series night house by PC distribution and KristinCastLitRPG Hits online ascent by Luc Chmilienko, steve the paladin by AC Hadfieldand Servant of Rage by Alexander Knight. YONDER will also be the exclusive home of The darkness itself, sequel to the popular web series Darkness available by David W. Wright and Sean Plat.

“YONDER takes mobile serialized reading to a whole new level, with high-quality, curated content, and a model that rewards readers for doing what they love, reading!” said Hwalin Oh, President of YONDER. “On YONDER, the more you read, the more you get, with rewards and perks for reading even more. With some of the most exciting voices in fiction and a product that encourages and rewards reading, YONDER is the future of fiction, bringing library-quality stories to a serialized mobile app.”

With the growing popularity of webmaniacs and mobile reading, YONDER presents a new opportunity for authors and publishers to capitalize on these categories and new reading trends to reach new audiences. YONDER works with publishing partners to reimagine their backlists in a unique serialized mobile format that will breathe new life and renewed interest into previously published works. The app also collaborates with each of its authors to optimize their stories for the platform.

“Our job is to empower authors and publishers to tell great stories in new and engaging ways,” said Sue Johnson, YONDER’s chief content officer. “Mobile serialized fiction can open up creative new ways for authors to tell incredible stories and offers a huge back catalog opportunity for publishers. We live in exciting times for readers, authors and publishers where platforms technological forms of storytelling have made new formats of fiction more accessible to a global audience.

“Storytelling as we know it is changing, and YONDER is at the forefront of this innovation,” said Anne Fonteneau, Director of Sales at Blackstone Publishing. “We’re excited to work with YONDER and the teams that pioneered serialized mobile fiction to help our authors reach new audiences who read in new and exciting ways.”

“At Aethon Books, we’ve always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of the next big innovation in publishing, which is exactly what we see at YONDER,” said Rhett Bruno, co-owner from Aethon Books. “The world yearned for this platform, and we’re beyond thrilled to be part of the first group of publishers working with YONDER to amplify our authors’ great stories.”

In a world of mobile distraction, YONDER delivers an ad-free and distraction-free reading experience. Each story on the platform will allow readers to explore several chapters for free before deciding to unlock additional chapters using virtual coins. YONDER’s coin-based model gives readers flexibility and full control over what they want to read and when. Readers will also receive regular promotional offers, giving them more chances to engage, explore and indulge in YONDER stories for free.

With hundreds of titles in a wide variety of genres, YONDER offers unparalleled curation.

YONDER is now available for free on android and soon on iOS. To learn more, visit


YONDER is a new serialized fiction app from the WEBTOON family of brands, combining mobile reading, an engaging serialized experience, and thousands of curated stories across all genres. With a premium fiction catalog and a pay-per-read model, readers can explore, discover, and fall in love with stories in an entirely new way. YONDER is the next chapter in storytelling.

Learn more about or download YONDER for free at android and soon on iOS devices.