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Nintendo expands its Switch Online catalog with Mario Golf 64

The popular Nintendo Switch Online add-on continues its journey through time, with a cult title to discover from April 15.

Just like fans of the seventh art, gamers also become nostalgic when they think of the games that rocked their childhood. Fortunately, those who want to reconnect with their best years for a few games can now count on Time Capsules: the arcade game. Thanks to Microsoft or Sony (who has just unveiled the outlines of the new PlayStation Plus), players can take advantage of subscriptions that allow them to (re)discover titles from previous generations.

After tennis, the famous plumber moves on to golf

Recognizing the potential success, Nintendo also stepped in by launching the Nintendo Switch Online add-on pack. Not only does the Japanese company offer iconic NES and Super NES titles, but it has even gone a step further by recently incorporating the Nintendo 64 universe into this add-on. A few weeks ago, for example, fans were able Rediscover one of the greatest works of the saga F-zero. After making an exception last week with three NES and Super NES games, Nintendo will once again be offering a title from the Nintendo 64 catalog to subscribers. From April 15, it will already be possible to rediscover a classic version of the popular console: Mario Golf.

Not only did he try his hand at soccer, tennis or the Olympics, but the famous mustachioed plumber also had his heyday on the green lawn. If the graphic age is necessarily bad, given that the title brings us back to the first hours of 3D, it has retained its festive atmosphere and its family gameplay. To accompany the good news, Nintendo has unveiled a trailer that promises to bring back some of the most nostalgic memories. Reminder, Nintendo Switch Subscription Online + The additional plan costs €39.99 per year, and requires €69.99 for the family version (still every year).

The best Nintendo 64 results to find with an online subscription

for this return to green (in the meantime Nintendo Switch Sports), fans will find the expanded cast of the Mario universe, exotic lands that complement traditional courses and different game modes like popular loops and mini golf, not to mention the prolific compositions of Motoi Sakuraba, in Who We Owe, for example, the game soundtrack. evil spirits And the series TalesAnd astralAnd Kitos of slatsAnd Profile of Valkyrie And golden sun. Regarding the Mario GolfThis is the 14th game to join the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack. For more curiosity, the full list also includes for now Banjo KazooieAnd Dr. Mario 64And F-Zero XAnd Mario Kart 64And Mario TennisAnd Paper MarioAnd sin and punishmentAnd Star fox 64And Super Mario 64And The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s MaskAnd The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeAnd WinBack: covert operations And Yoshi’s story.