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no one uses this part of their catalog, but the company will continue to invest in it

Netflix seems to want to compete with the big game services from PlayStation, Microsoft and Google.

Netflix is change a lot in recent months. While HBO and Amazon Prime has invested in big productions like house of dragons Yes power rings, Netflix’s changes have nothing to do with new releases. The streaming platform offers an overhaul of your planswith a cheaper option and with ads to attract new subscribers to the service.

The platform’s main attraction continues to be series and movies, with Sandman being the latest powerful premiere on the platform. However, the future of Netflix will not focus exclusively on this sectoror so they try.

Netflix wants to expand into the world of video games

Many people have no idea, but Netflix offers them for free. several exclusive video games for subscribers. When you think of Netflix, video games don’t come to mind, but the company wants that to change. The games offered by the platform they are fun and good quality, but it seems that the format did not appeal to its audience. Yet they don’t give up. On the contrary, Netflix released a job offer looking for professionals in the video game sector, in particular cloud gaming experts.

Netflix does not give up and wants its share of the pie in the video game sector

The company is looking for a security product manager with experience in handling “cloud gaming challenges”, a rendering engineer with experience in “cloud gaming services” and other related positions. in some statements to TerchCrunchNetflix defends that it is always looking for new talent, but that at the moment they cannot offer more information on new services:

We are always on the lookout for great talent to join our teams and are constantly exploring new product opportunities to enhance our member experience. We don’t have anything else to share at this time.

This strategy can be the last bullet in the chamber on netflix to connect with the public that loves video games. Major companies in the sector such as PlaStation or Microsoft or even Google (Stadia) has been investing in this technology for years, with Xbox being a benchmark with the Xbox Game Pass service.

Cloud gaming lets you run any video game no hardware equipment required, since the image is transmitted through the cloud. This fits perfectly with how Netflix users consume their content and opens a range of very interesting possibilities in this industry. The streaming platform has invested in developers and now it looks like it’s ready to start building the foundations of the service. However, everything indicates it will be a long process and of which we will not have news for a long time.