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PlayStation Plus August 2022 Catalog Update Features Yakuza, Bugsnax, and None of the Classics

The August 2022 PlayStation Plus catalog for Extra and Premium subscribers was partially revealed when Sony revealed the Essential games tier. Now the company has gone and shown the full slate coming August 16th.

Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwamiand Yakuza Kiwami 2 are the three Yakuza games that will be on both Extra and Premium. Yakuza 0 was a well-received prequel to the series and widely considered the first for newcomers to play. Kiwami and Kiwami 2 are remakes of the first two Yakuza games and have new visuals and features. The other Yakuza the games will make their way to the different levels later in the year.

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Bugnax, Dead in broad daylight, Ghost Recon Wildlandsand Metro Exodus are the other strong points, even if the first two were previously on other levels of the service. Bugnax is an adventure title that mixes aspects of Pokemon and Monkey Escape and was renowned for its characters and inventive universe. It also received a big free content update which added a whole new island. Dead in broad daylight is an asymmetrical four-on-one online horror game that has been running since its launch in 2016.

Ghost Recon Wildlands did not particularly well ratedbut is another checklist-based open-world game from Ubisoft that focuses on co-op. Metro Exodushowever, was loved for its larger world, which allowed players to explore the harsh, bombed-out environments of the Subway series in a less linear fashion while maintaining the voltage in the more guided inputs.

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The full additions to the August 2022 PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Tiers are as follows:

  • Yakuza 0
  • Yakuza Kiwami
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2
  • Bugnax
  • Dead in broad daylight
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • Metro Exodus
  • Mana Trials
  • UN
  • Monopoly madness
  • Monopoly More

Strangely, as many angry gamers have pointed out in the comments on the PlayStation blog post, this update did not contain any information about upcoming PS1, PS2, PS3 or PSP games. PlayStation Plus Premium differentiates itself from other tiers with its selection of classic titles, of which Sony hasn’t provided much since launch. Sony has already added these classic titles later than normal — Portable Super Stardust released right after the bulk of titles in North America – but whether that’s the case here or if the company really skips them for August remains to be seen.