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Plugins and equipment used by Blastoyz

Plugins & Gear used by Blastoyz | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

Kobi Nigreker aka Blastoyz is a prominent personality in the Psytrance music industry. From the age of 16, Kobi has built a unique plethora around his uplifting music and jaw-dropping DJ sets. His music is known for its eclectic bass lines and catchy melodies. We at We Rave You Tech had the chance to speak with him recently and get some insight into his music production process. Below is the list of the best plugins and equipment used by Blastoyz.

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Q.1 Top Favorite Kontakt Synth Plugins/Libraries

To respond: Kontakt Damage, Serum, Viper, Diva

1. Contact damage – I love it for the drums and the powerful transitions

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2. Serum – Endless options and the system of this one has high quality sources

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3. Viper – Gives great sounds with a Virus Access analog synth feel.

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4. Diva – Sounds so good, closer to the analog synths that exist on a VST synth.

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Q.2. Top favorite effects/mixing/mastering plugins

To respond: Valhalla RoomQuadrafuzz, Dubstation 2 and more

1. Walhalla Hall – simple and sounds great in any channel

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2. Quadrafuzz – excellent fattener for basslines

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3. Dubbing station 2 – as easy to use and ……………

Image credits: Blastoyz Facebook