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Plugins and equipment used by Toby Romeo

Plugins and equipment used by Toby Romeo | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

Toby Romeo is an Austrian DJ and producer who has been gaining massive attention over the past few years. With many great releases and songs with Felix Jaehn, Faulhaber and remixes from Magnificence, Mike Williams and Keanu Silver, he now travels the world and plays regularly at major festivals. We recently caught up with Toby Romeo to get some insight into his music production process. Below is the list of essential plugins and gear used by Toby Romeo.

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Q.1 Top Favorite Kontakt Synth Plugins/Libraries

Answer: SerumKontakt, Omnisphere, 3xOsc, Spitfire Labs and more

1. Serum I make all my synths in serum. In fact, I don’t use anything but serum when it comes to tracks/synths. I have Sylenth 1 and Massive but hardly use them.

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2. Contact – Kontakt is simply the best plugin when it comes to real instruments. They have them all covered! I mainly use the Action Strings library for high strings to fill out my productions. If you listen carefully, you can hear it in almost every Toby Romeo song or remix.

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3. OmnisphereI love Omnisphere because of the stock presets they have. It might take a while to find the right ones, as their base library is already very huge, but if you find the right ones, they sound really good! You don’t even have to do much processing on the sounds coming out of Omnisphere. In my case, I use Omnisphere for almost all pad layers for example.

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4.3x OscThis plugin is a stock plugin that comes with FL Studio itself. I love doing sub-bass with this plugin because it’s just super easy to handle.

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5. Spitfire LABORATORIESWell, it’s not really a synth plugin, but I love doing my pianos with Spitfire Audio’s LABS “Soft Piano”. It sounds so realistic and has that warmth that adds a warm sound to my productions.

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Q.2. Top favorite effects/mixing/mastering plugins

Answer: Vocal Synth, OTT & more

1. Vocal Synth: I am in love with this plugin! In my opinion, this is the best vocoder plugin you can get. I love Vocoding vocals to add warmth to parts of my tracks, especially when there aren’t too many vocal layers. I also like to edit my vocal chops with this plugin.

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2. OTT: This is where opinions differ .…….

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