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Plugins & Gear used by Estiva

Plugins & Gear used by Estiva | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

Reeuwijk, Dutch born Steven Baan, better known as Estiva, arrived on the dance music scene in 2006. Often recognized for his unique, modern blend of groovy techno-oriented beats and emotional, progressive melodies , he received support from heavyweights such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond. Recently, we caught up with Estiva to get some insight into their music production process. Below is the list of essential plugins and equipment used by Estiva.

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Q.1 Top Favorite Kontakt Synth Plugins/Libraries

To respond: Reproduction, Diva, Sylenth1, Omnisphere, and more

1. U-He Reproduction 1 & 5 – The VST from which I draw the most inspiration. Really easy to build pure, warm, quality sounds. The built-in FX chains in Repro 5 are crazy.

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2. U-He Diva: Diva is a versatile beast for me. I can keep it simple or challenge myself and get complex and crazy about sound design.

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3. LennarSylenth Digital1: Fast, low CPU and intuitive are the keywords here. Works great as a backing for my main sounds

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4. Spectrasonics Omnisphere: I dig the crazy library with sounds that trigger me. Particularly in love with the atmospheric pads offered by this VST.

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5. Arturia Collection V: This collection includes some of my favorites like SEM V, Mini V and Matrix-12 V. Ideal for a more analog approach.

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Q.2. Top favorite effects/mixing/mastering plugins

To respond: u-he SatinValhalla delay and more

1. U-He Satin: A tape simulator that gives me great control over saturation and noise modulation. This plugin gives my tracks the warmth they need.

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2. Valhalla delay: The most extensive and at the same time……..

Image credits: Estiva Facebook