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Plugins & Gear used by Miss Monique

Plugins & Gear used by Miss Monique | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

Ukrainian Miss Monique is considered one of the most rising and recognizable female artists in the genre of house and techno music. Olesia Arkusha started gaining recognition through her unique radio mixes on YouTube podcasts, reaching over 11 million views. His mix of trance melodies and techno beats has been heard in over 40 different countries around the world, from Ibiza to India. In 2019, Monique launched her own label called Sonia Records, which ranked among the top 100 best-selling Progressive House labels on the Beatport music platform. Besides her busy schedule, she was interested in sharing with us her favorite tools and the reasons for using them. We recently caught up with Miss Monique to get some insight into her music production process. Below is the list of essential plugins and equipment used by Miss Monique.

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Q.1 Top Favorite Kontakt Synth Plugins/Libraries

Answer: Diva, Sylenth1Serum, ANA2, Jup-8, Pigments and more

1. My favorite synth plugin is Diva. I use this VST on almost all tracks

2. Sylenth1

3. Serum

4. ANA2

5. Jup-8, Pigments and ARP2600 from Arturia

Q.2. Top favorite effects/mixing/mastering plugins

Answer: Fabfilter Pro Q3, Pro L-2 & more

1. FabFilter Pro Q-3

2. Limiter Pro L-2

3. Valhalla

4. Wave plug-ins

5. Isotope 9 for mastering

Image credits: Miss Monique Facebook