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Plugins & Gear used by Petit Biscuit

Plugins & Gear used by Petit Biscuit | The Essential Vol. 1 Catalog

Petit Biscuit is a French DJ and music producer and is well known for combining acoustic and electronic elements in his tracks. His discography includes many hits such as Sunset Lover, Night Trouble, Je repars among many others. He’s toured massively around the world and the 22-year-old DJ and producer also had the opportunity to perform at Coachella in 2018. We recently caught up with Petit Biscuit to get some insight into his music production process. Below is the list of essential plugins and equipment used by Petit Biscuit.

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Q.1 Top Favorite Kontakt Synth Plugins/Libraries

Answer: ArturiaNI Reaktor, Output Studios and more

1. Arturia: (above all Mini, DX7, Prophet, Wurli, Modular and Matrix) are very intuitive and playful

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2.NI Reactor to start an idea with interesting textures.

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3. Release Studios – create such beautiful and creative stuff, I love analog string patches. But you will see that I mainly use material to launch an idea/song.

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Q.2. Top favorite effects/mixing/mastering plugins

Answer: sound toys, FabFilter (set) & more

1. Sound Toys: Decapitator, alterboy, echoboyCrystallizer…I feel like it’s not even mixing when you use these effects, but it’s still part of the creative process.

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2. FabFilter (set): there is an EQ, Multiband, Compressor……….

Image credits: Jonathan Bertin