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PS Plus Extra catalog sorted by average review rating

A Redditor has, for some reason, taken on the monumental task of sorting through the Catalog PS Plus Extra by average exam scores. Maybe user threecatsstaring did it out of the goodness of their hearts, but regardless, the list is actually pretty useful if you want to skip straight to something like Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers, which holds a metascore of 21.

The PS Plus Extra catalog offers a very diverse range

The aforementioned list from Threecatsstaring, which is still ongoing, can be found above and counts up to 71 games so far. Except for them joking Knack to no. 1 with a score of 100 (I personally agree with this score), the rest of the list takes into account most Metacritic scores. Apparently some of the games in the catalog weren’t reviewed at all, so they were left out. Others have less than four reviews, in which three cats have either calculated an average or used the review from a random platform.

The PS Plus Extra (and Premium) catalog is subject to change, but the list above is here to stay for now, especially as the service has yet to roll out in some countries, including the UK. United. That said, there are some minor differences in catalogs between regions, so note that this sorting is based on the catalog released in the Americas.

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