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Registration Open, Catalog Available for 2022 ‘One Family’ Pin Celebration at EPCOT

Registration is now open for the 2022 Pin Celebration at EPCOT and the event catalog is available. The pins have a “Disney One Family” theme and the celebration will take place on August 12 and 13. Here’s a look at some of the limited edition pins that will be available.

Family game night

Each pin in the Family Game Night series features a different “family” and a different game. This sliding brooch has Mickey and his friends. This is a limited edition of 750 copies and will retail for $44.99.

Wish you were Here!

Pin Celebration Items 2022 11.17.31 AM 1

Each of the Wish You Were Here! pins come on a postcard backing card. The pins themselves look like stamps. This one features Mickey and Pluto on a stamp attached to a Toontown postcard.

They are all $21.99 with a limited edition size of 1,500.

Connected as one

Pin Celebration Items 2022 11.16.57 AM 1

The Connected As One series starts with an open edition “Friends & Family” bar for $14.99. There are then five family series – Mickey and Friends, “Star Wars”, Marvel, Winnie the Pooh and “Oliver & Company” – which can be attached to the bar with chains.

Pin Celebration Items 2022 11.17.03 AM 1

You can strap a whole family to the bar or mix and match your favorite characters.

family dinner

Pin Celebration Items 2022 11.16.34 AM 1

The Family Dinner series is inspired by different dishes from Disney attractions and movies. Lord Henry Mystic and his monkey Albert are ready to eat a Mickey-shaped pastry on this Mystic Manor brooch. This brooch sells for $24.99, with a limited edition size of 1,000.

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Family portraits

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The Family Portraits series allows you to put your own photo on a pin. This one is inspired by “Avatar” and features an image of Jake and Neytiri in a 3D sculpted metal frame.

Pin Celebration Items 2022 11.16.00 AM 1

The image of “Avatar” slides up and you can put your own photo inside. This brooch sells for $34.95, with a limited edition size of 500.

2021 Guests Inspired Pin – Wicked Friends – $34.99

2021 Guest Inspired Naughty Friends Pin

This jumbo brooch features Chernabog, Maleficent and the Evil Queen. It was designed in collaboration with guests of the 2021 Design-a-Pin Experience. It has an edit size of 1,000.

Walt Disney and Carousel pin – $150

2022 walt carousel celebration pin

This “super jumbo” pin will be available at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. It features a sculpted diaper of Walt Disney and Mickey in front of a flat diaper of Minnie and her friends on a carousel. It will have a limited edition size of 500.

There will also be various limited edition and mystery pin box sets available. Consult the complete catalog.

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