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Roku Expands Catalog of Originals with Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Productions

Roku Originals expands its catalog thanks to a new partnership with Hello Sunshine Productions. The streaming giant announced three new projects on Monday and one of them comes from Reese Witherspoon’s hired production company. They begin with unscripted shows that will put a new spin on familiar reality TV tropes.

Roku announced three projects on Monday – In Paris for love: a romantic comedy about reality, The marriage pact and Associate me in Miami. In Paris for love is produced by Hello Sunshine. All three will be available for free to users of Roku streaming hardware on Roku Channels. The company has worked hard to acquire exclusive programs and invest in its own productions to keep up with the competition. Announcements like this especially get fans excited.

In Paris for love is a 90-minute unscripted film — the first of its kind, the producers say. It follows three single friends on a trip to Paris, France, in search of a romantic time and perhaps true love. Witherspoon will executive produce, as will actress Zoë Saldaña under her Cinestar Pictures banner.

Meanwhile, The marriage pact is about friends who made a pact to get married if they were both still single at a certain age. It picks up at a time when that pact comes to an end and is described as a “social experiment”. The show will be split into 8 episodes, each about an hour long. It is produced by Maven.

To finish, Associate me in Miami introduces viewers to “the high-stakes world of matchmaking in the city where the party never ends”. It revolves around a matchmaking agency that promises to connect clients with the love of their life within weeks. This show will also be 8 episodes, 1 hour each, and it is produced by Lime Pictures.

These announcements are exciting in themselves and bode well for the future of Roku. As the world of streaming shrinks to a few behemoth corporations controlling most of the world’s intellectual property, many fans appreciate a platform that’s accessible without being dynasty. Roku remains one of the most popular streaming hardware makers in the world, often sharing the top spot with Amazon’s Fire TV line of products.

The Roku Channel is available for free on all Roku devices, and users can also access it on their mobile device, computer, or other device in many cases. It’s not yet known when these three new shows might air.