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Sale of Pink Floyd catalog threatened by Waters comments

Recent explosive comments from Roger Waters have reportedly delayed Pink Floyd’s catalog sale negotiations.

Variety reports that the group has been quietly buying up its “catalogue of recorded music and other assets for several months, seeking as much as $500 million”. However, the former frontman’s comments had potential buyers questioning the value of such a deal.

Waters has always been outspoken and opinionated about global politics, but his recent comments to rolling stone seem to have gone to another level. Among his many opinions, the rocker railed against the mainstream media, calling it “Western propaganda,” called alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine “lies, lies, lies,” and called the United States of “the most evil”. [country in the world] of all by a factor of at least 10 times.

The leader’s comments aren’t the only thing that influences a Pink Floyd catalog sale. VarietyThe sources noted that “various considerations, including tax issues, rising interest rates, the fall in the value of the pound, global recession fears and the prospect of an even higher price, have delayed the [sale] treat.”

Still, given how big of a business classic rock catalogs have become – Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Journey and Stevie Nicks are just a few of the acts that have cashed in on offers in recent years – it seems prudent to assume that Pink Floyd would have no shortage of suitors, under normal circumstances.

Waters, of course, is only one of the main parties involved in a potential catalog sale. Nick Mason, David Gilmour and the estate of the late keyboardist Rick Wright would also have a say in any deal that is ultimately struck. Still, as the most prominent — and vocal — member of Pink Floyd, Waters’ actions undoubtedly reflect his former band. The rocker’s comments may cause potential buyers to stop, potentially reduce the price they’re willing to pay, or even pull out all together. Variety noted that at least one potential buyer was considering withdrawing their offer due to Waters’ comments.

“The other band members must be pissed,” a source said.

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