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Scott catalog footnote seeks certification of postcard error

By Charles Snee

A 1920 United States red Thomas Jefferson postcard 1¢ by 2¢ on cream paper with double overprint, one reverse lower left (Scott UX35a) was certified authentic in late March by the Philatelic Foundation.

The error, first listed in the 2008 Scott Specialized catalog of United States stamps and envelopeshas been brought to the attention of Linn Stamp News and the Scott Catalog Editors by Mike and Mary Garrity of Missouri, who said they “purchased it as part of a collection that had passed into a private domain”.

The Garritys were asked to contact by Linn about their recently certified error due to a footnote that first appeared in the Scott US Specialized 2022 catalog, “Editors would like to see an example of a UX35a.”

Mike Garrity said by Linn he resells philatelic material on eBay by “sourcing inventory from private properties, estate sales, garage sales, auctions, thrift stores – you name it.”

When asked what he intended to do with the Jefferson double supplement postcard, he replied that he had no plans at the moment.

Although a final decision has not been made at this time, it is likely that the new footnote following the Scott UX35a listing will be removed from the Scott US Specialized 2023 catalog, which is expected to be released in October.

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