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SiriusXM revives ‘Neil Young Radio’ after Spotify removes artist’s music catalog

SiriusXM radio took the opportunity to reconnect with Neil Young following his recent dispute with Spotify.

The satellite streaming platform returned the Radio Neil Young to its regular lineup and added the artist’s music catalog to the channel. It comes just a day after Spotify removed Young’s music due to his objections to their podcast host Joe Rogan.

Young initially confronted Spotify while questioning his decision to continue running Rogan, who hosts the Spotify podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, On the platform. Young said Rogan continues to share “misinformation” about COVID-19 vaccines, which can potentially lead to serious harm and death. Hundreds of doctors also called on Spotify to take action against Rogan and vetted the host multiple times, prior to Young’s dispute with the platform.

Young responded with an open letter and an ultimatum to Spotify to remove Rogan’s show or his music from their streaming platform, saying, “it’s me or Joe Rogan.” In turn, Spotify removed Young’s nearly 60-year-old catalog of work.

On the Radio Neil Young on channel 27 and the SXM app, listeners have access to the artist’s solo albums and work with everyone from Crazy Horse to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Buffalo Springfield. SiriusXM also offers access to weekly concert broadcasts from Young’s vaults, celebrity guest DJs and a special track-by-track album featuring Young sharing stories about every song from his latest album. Barn.

“I want to introduce you to things that no one has ever heard before,” Young said in a statement, with SiriusXM.

“When you have the opportunity to showcase an iconic artist still at the peak of their creativity, you don’t hesitate to do it again,” added Steve Blatter, senior vice president and general manager of music programming, SiriusXM. “Outspoken, courageous and a true music icon, Neil Young is one of a class of rare artists, and we are honored to partner with him to create a special audio experience for his fans.”

Photos: Daryl Hannah / Courtesy of Warner Records.